Cara Agar Artikel Terindex Google, Berikut Ulasan Lengkapnya

Have You Know About How to Get Articles Indexed by Google? Let’s Chek the Answer

Your blog or website article is not indexed on Google?, We have a way of how to get articles indexed by Google that you can try.

Currently, there are still a lot of bloggers who don’t know how to make their blogs and sites appear on Google searches. Maybe you too are one of them.

If you are experiencing this problem. This time we will discuss in more detail about how to get articles indexed by Google quickly.

Has Your Blog Been Doing Some Of The Following?

Before proceeding to how to get articles indexed by Google, let’s start by checking the blogs that you manage. Some of the things you need to check are as follows:

Connect With Google Search Console

One of the things you should check regarding your blog is whether your blog is connected to Google Search Console. The key to indexing a blog or website itself is this Google Serch Console.

If likens that your blog is a library. So this Google Search Console is the key to open the library door. So that visitors can enter and enjoy your content. Make sure that you have registered your blog with Google Search Console.

When registering a blog to the Google Serch Console, you will have to perform Google Site Verification by embedding meta tag verification into your blog’s html. This is to make it easier for Google to crawl.

Submitting a Sitemap to Google Search Console

If your blog is fully connected to Google Search Console. Also make sure whether you have submitted your blog sitemap to Google Search Console. This section is also very important in the indexing process of a blog.

If you haven’t done so, immediately send a sitemap from your blog to Google Search Console.

Do Keyword Competition Research

Not many know that doing keyword competition research is also related to Google indexing. The steps you take are very simple, namely as follows:

Install Add Ons named SEO Quake and then activate the Add Ons.
Next. You can type in the keywords you are targeting and then view the content ranked 1-10.
Count how many websites with an Alexa Rank of more than 1 million and also the search results.
If you find at least 3 websites with an Alexa Rank above 1 million and the search results for these keywords are less than 500 thousand. Then your blog articles for these keywords will be indexed quickly.

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The Number of Words in Your ArticleS

Google is currently very strict about displaying article content in its search results. Quality content is one of the things that is a requirement to be able to appear in search engine search results.

Articles with a word count of less than 300 will usually be difficult to index in Google search. For that, you should increase the number of words in the article you write.

For a minimum word count, we recommend that you at least write an article with 500-700 words. According to a number of SEO experts, this word count is ideal for blog articles.

Check the SEO Score of Your Blog

Another factor that also affects the indexing of article content is the SEO score. Make sure that your blog meets these SEO score requirements. To check this SEO score, you can directly visit the Neilpatel site,

If your blog’s SEO score is less than 80. Then you must first make improvements to some of the things that cause your blog’s SEO score to decrease.

How to Get Articles Indexed by Google

If you have checked the blog and have met all the parameters we mentioned earlier. Then you can immediately apply the following ways of how to get articles indexed by Google on Google:

  • Visit Google Search Console. Visit the Google Search Console site and then login to your Google Search Console account.
  • Look at the available columns at the top of your Google Search Console dashboard. Next enter the URL of the blog article that you previously posted.
  • Next, wait for the data retrieval process from the Google index. Usually this process takes 1-2 minutes.
  • After the results come out. If you get info that Google did not find your URL. Next, press the request indexing button and wait for the process again,
  • When you have requested indexing back. Within a few hours (maximum 24 hours), usually the URL of your article will appear in Google searches.

That’s a little summary of how to get articles indexed by Google. Hopefully our discussion this time can help those of you who are having problems indexing the content of articles on your blog. Good luck.

If you want to let us say optimize your gambling website for example, then you have to know that get you articles indexed by Google is one of your optimization process.

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