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I Am Committed to The Tech Pledge and Hope You Do The Same

As part of the people who live in the world of technology, and do everything using technology, just as some have done it. Where together to write promises for each technologist.

The creators are committed to their professional life.

A little like the Hippocratic oath, but for the creators of all technology. Following up on the Copenhagen Letter, which is a signal, letter of intent, and the Copenhagen Catalog that provides a “white pattern” for technology makers, the Technology Pledge has made it even more personal.

I promise

  • to be in charge of what I make.
  • to just help create the things I want my loved ones to use.
  • pause for a moment to consider all the consequences of my work, whether intentional or unwanted.
  • invite and follow up on criticism, even when it hurts.
  • to ask for help when I’m not sure if my job serves my community.
  • to always put humans above business, and to resist pressure to do otherwise, even at my own risk.
  • to never tolerate designs for addiction, deception, or control.
  • to help others understand and discuss the strengths and challenges of technology.
  • to participate in the democratic process of regulating technology, even if it is difficult.
  • to fight for democracy and human rights, and to enhance the institutions that protect them.
  • to work towards a more equal, inclusive and sustainable future for all of us, following the global goals of the United Nations.
  • to always keep what I started, and to fix what we break.

I signed the oath. I hope you will. If you have any questions about what that means in practical terms, I’m happy to help you translate them into your practice.

The first possible step is figuring out which questions to ask yourself at the start of something new.

This blog is about media sharing various things about technology.