Know What is Adsense CTR and How to Increase It

Apa itu RKT Adsense Dan Bagaimana Cara Untuk Meningkatkannya?
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What is Adsense CTR? Our discussion this time will explain clearly about this.

In the field of online advertisement based on PPC (Pay per Click) using Google Adsense services, understanding about CTR is very important. Many bloggers say that CTR is one of the parameters to measure the success of an ad.

If the number of CTR of an ad is high. So it shows that the interest of the ad is also high.

What is Adsense CTR?

If you have to explain in simple language, CTR (Click Through Rate) is the percentage of the number of clicks from Adsense ads. This percentage amount is obtained from the division between the number of clicks on the ad divided by the number of impressions.

As a simple example. If the adsense ad you place gets 10 clicks out of 1000 ad impressions. Then the CTR that you will get from the ad is 0.001 percent.

The Effect of CTR on Adsense Earning

If based on the previous calculation formula. So it can be said that the higher the number of RKTs, the greater the income obtained.

However, there are quite a number of SEO practitioners and Google publishers who say that the safe value of CTR is 10 percent. Why is that?

According to a number of reviews, many SEO experts think that a CTR of more than 10 percent can raise suspicions by Google that there is manipulation of ad clicks.

However, there are also SEO experts and Google publishers who disagree with this.

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How to Calculate Adsense CTR?

Some digital marketing sites say that Google knows in detail about the visitors who come to the web page and how long they spend exploring the page.

This is what makes Google able to find out the types of advertisements and visits that are manipulative and fraudulent. Although not explained, Google actually has its own calculation method for calculating ad CTR.

Abnormal ad click activity can cause the credibility of the site to decrease. If it keeps happening, it’s likely that the advertiser’s Google Adsense account will get banned from Google.

How To Increase Adsense CTR?

To be able to increase Adsense CTR or CTR yourself, you have to pay attention to several important things. Some of the important things are as follows:

1. Ad Size Selection

One of the things you need to pay attention to to increase the CTR of Google Adsense ads is related to the size of the ad. Choosing the right ad size can make a significant difference to your Adsense earnings.

Many Google publishers claim that the larger the ad size will provide better performance. When you are going to place an ad, Google will also recommend the size of the ad unit.

2. Ad Type Selection

When you place an ad on your blog, you will have 3 different ad types to choose from, namely:

  • text ads only
  • display ads only
  • text and display ads

Google actually recommends that you choose Text and Display Ads.

One of the advantages of Text and Display ads itself is in the display of the ads. Where the display of this ad is very responsive and can change.

3. Ad Color Selection

Ad color selection also has an influence on ad CTR. This may sound new to you. However, many page owners or Google Publishers are experimenting with this ad color.

This they do to overcome the condition of ads blindness. In this regard, Google itself provides guidance on ad color selection techniques. One of these efforts is to make the background and border colors of the ads the same as the blog background color.

Another option that you can also try is to use an ad background color that contrasts with the background of your blog.

4. Ad Position

Ad placement in a site also has an influence on the high and low CTR. Place the ad in the section that is often the focus of the eyes of the visitor.

In this section, you should do a little experimentation to determine which ads provide the most click potential.

5. Advertising Relevance

The last factor that also greatly affects the high and low percentage of Adsense CTR is related to relevance to blog content. To display relevant ads, Google will crawl your blog or website pages.

Through crawling, Google will get the keywords on the page and display relevant ads. But not forever, Google displays relevant ads. Sometimes Google displays ads that are not relevant to your blog or site.

For example, your blog discusses business and then the ads that appear are health ads. This will certainly make the adsense CTR percentage lower.

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Many factors cause this to happen, for example, the unavailability of ads relevant to the keywords from the page.

That’s a little explanation of what Adsense CTR is and how to increase it. Hopefully our information this time can increase the CTR or CTR of your ad. Thank you.

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