Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

Corporate culture, economic system in modern society is obviously a major contributor to society’s well being. It provides the means through which people have the ability to exchange their goods and services for the needs of the society.

The economy has indeed become its own entity in its own right.  The total economy is now unique to every society, culture and individuals motives and goals.

Corporate Culture, The Means of Getting Goods and Services

The means of getting goods and services has always been the primary purpose of society.  In order for societies to survive. It has been necessary and important to have the means of being able to give what societies are interested in buying. 

Since the advent of man different means of payment have been devised by various nations.  Ancient peoples used precious metals, stones, and even animal and feather skins ( Reserve Inventory in February 1996, Department of Natural Resources). 

Thousands of years ago ancient species traded with cavemen in exchange for tools and specialized Ferrite tensile metals (Inheritance of Man, 8-2). Current methods of payment and giving could be seen as settled by countless societies that lived throughout history.

Currently methods of interacting with goods and services can be made through both, existing and still existing cultural values. 

Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture, Influenced by Traditions

Corporate culture is like the common culture of an individual. Therefore influenced by traditions, belief and their families values, religious beliefs, and tales. Corporate culture issues exist with how to merging with a corporation into a marketing plasticity that is desired or needed. 

Lawyers have their own corporate cultures that have formed over the last 100 years.  Cheap labor, child labor, greedy, problematic corporate ethics. Unfortunately raising children this way resulted in such detrimental social issues. 

It took an entire group to fight for free consumer’s rights and this battle continues to this day.  And the act of change comes through, the law, the membership fee, a review process and more.

However, this transition did not occur overnight.  It took years of discussion by thousands of consumers and changes in laws, wages, and trade fees. Before consumers along the block were able to live their lives without sacrificing their well being.

Corporate Culture Rise by Modern Economic

The modern economy on the other hand gave rise to its own traditional and corporate culture.  It was therefore very interesting when using corporations as examples in economic system. Take for instance accumulating ones wealth.  One person accumulate their wealth by creating, buying and selling goods for their value. 

This was theninated by investors who sold their stocks.  A corporation is an organization and like an investment.  The CEO of the company takes its stock knowing that it was being invested for their security. 

The corporation’s wealth could then be sold to the consumers of the company for its wealth.  But when corporations try to change this central fact, during inflation, they would be previously vulnerable to a severe crisis. A better example of the aforementioned is when people try to have a better pass down of their money.

The organization itself though, would then have to deal with the process of reaccess of resources by the public through globalization. 

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