Writing Quality Content For Blogs, How To Do It?

Menulis Konten Berkualitas Untuk Blog, Bagaimana Caranya?
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Content is important in implementing SEO. To help maximize SEO, writing quality content has become a mandatory thing to do today. Quality content can help a site rank well in search engine search results.

But unfortunately there are still many blog or site managers who still don’t understand how to create quality content for their sites.

Let us say you have website such gambling website and you want to optimize your gambling website, then you must know that one important thing you should do is writing content with high quality.

How to Write Quality Content For Blogs

It deals with writing quality content. We will give a few tips for writing quality content. Here are some of these tips:

Writing Quality Content
Writing Quality Content

1. Create Original Content

The originality of content is one of Google’s parameters in determining the ranking of posts. Presenting original content can make your posts and blogs rank well for the topics or keywords you are targeting.

Conversely, if you plagiarize other people’s content, aka copy and paste. Google will lower the ranking of blogs or posts in search results. Even Google can kick related blogs from search results. For that, always make sure to write original content for your blog.

2. Headlines Are the Power of Content

In writing content, content is indeed an important and main part. But strengthening it by using Headlines is one thing you should do.

Based on many studies. 80% of people looking for information only read Headlines and don’t read the entire content. Again, this is what makes the presence of headlines in articles important.

3. Can Provide Answers For Readers

One example of interesting content is content that can provide answers to readers’ questions. Internet users who access your article content certainly have a question or are looking for something. Here is the task for you to provide answers that are to do point and clear through your articles.

Readers don’t read articles to get a number of long openings. Therefore, make an article that would directly answer the question without having to go round and round. Of course, the information you provide must also be based on a trusted source.

4. Give Informative Language Style

Still talking about writing quality content for blogs. Another tip you apply is to use informative language style. In presenting the material, try to use a light, informative style of language.

Make every sentence you write easy to understand. You should also avoid using foreign or heavy language. This is for the sake of presenting light but informative content.

If you use wordpress, you can use a plugin called Yoast. This plugin can check the readability of the articles you create. You can set this plugin as a parameter.

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5. Use Supporting Images and Videos

Some people are better able to understand pictures or explanations visually (video) than in writing. For that, try to provide supporting images or videos of the material or discussion that you provide.

The images or videos you provide can be in the form of diagrams or simple summaries. You can also embed videos on Youtube to support the material you describe in the article.

6. Give Recommendations To Trusted Sites

Every time you create article content for your blog, try to provide links to trusted reference sites. For example, if you provide content about movies, then provide a site reference to get complete information about the site such as IMDB, Netflix and others.

This will make the content more credible in the eyes of Google. So that Google can consider your content to enter the first rank in search results.

7. Update Your Blog Content Regularly

Consistency will always bring good things to people who apply it, including in terms of blogging. Believe it or not. Based on several reviews on the SEO Expert site, it is known that Google tends to prefer blogs with a regular posting schedule.

Mulailah untuk membuat jadwal kapan anda akan memposting konten di blog anda. Pastikan untuk mengikuti jadwal yang telah anda buat dengan baik.

8. Relevant Content

Many are misguided about how to write quality content for blogs. Writing articles is not just about shooting for specific keywords but also about presenting relevant information in them.

Contohnya jika anda mengetik laptop untuk game, tentunya hal yang anda ingin cari adalah rekomendasi laptop yang bagus untuk game, bukannya tips memilih laptop untuk game. Inilah yang dinamakan relevansi konten.

Try to always provide relevant content for internet users who access your blog.

Those are some tips that you can use to write quality content for your blog. Hopefully this discussion can be useful for the progress of your blog. Happy blogging.

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