4 Types of Interesting Content That Can Bring Traffic To Your Blog

4 Jenis Konten Yang Menarik Dan Dapat Mendatangkan Traffic Ke Blog
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What types of interesting content and can bring a lot of traffic to the blog? Through this article, we will briefly review it for you.

As is known, content is an important part of a blog or website. Content itself has long been one of the influencing factors in the implementation of SEO.

Google is quite strict in choosing the content to be displayed in search results. Google only shows content that is relevant to the keyword. Therefore, providing quality and relevant content is the task of web managers, in addition to applying SEO techniques.

The application of SEO techniques must be recognized as very important to do. But in this case, relevant and quality content is much more important. Without interesting content, visitors will only stop by for a while and will not visit your blog again.

Attractive Content Types To Bring Traffic

Well, on this occasion, we will provide recommendations for types of content that are interesting and have the potential to bring a lot of traffic to the blogs that you manage. Here’s the full review.

Types of Interesting Content

1. Guide Content

The first type of some types of interesting content that has great potential to bring a lot of traffic to your blog is guide type content. This guide content is a type of content whose contents provide a guide for using or doing something.

The content of this guide is also fairly sought after and is usually long term. Long term here means that it will be searched for in the long term.

For example, articles about how to get rid of acne (In the future, there will be many internet users looking for this content).

2. Infographic Content

Infographic content is also a type of content that has the potential to bring a lot of traffic to a blog. For those of you who are not familiar with this type of content, this content is content that focuses on presenting data in the form of images, such as graphs, tables and others.

You need to know that not all internet users like to read. This infographic content targets the type of internet users who are lazy to read. By presenting data in the form of images, it will help internet users to get information more easily.

An important note. If you are serving type content, then make sure that the data you are using is valid data. Don’t forget to also use an interesting style of language. That way, this content will optimally increase engagement and visits to your blog.

In Indonesia, this type of content may not be very popular. But some big sites like CNN and BBC use this type of content to bring traffic.

3. List Content

Still talking about blogging and interesting types of content to bring in traffic. Listicle type content or lists are other types of content that you can choose from.

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This type of content can be said to be one of the most popular. Many bloggers who make articles by taking this type. Examples such as:

  • 10 Best Android Photo Editing Apps
  • 10 Reasons why you should save
  • And many others.

Creating listicle type article content is actually very easy. You just need to collect multiple sources and then summarize them into one piece of content.

Some well-known sites that use this type of content and successfully bring in a lot of traffic are IDN times and Hipwee. You can directly check both sites.

Review Content

The last type of interesting content on our list is the type of review content. This type of content is one of the most sought after by Indonesian bloggers. This type of content provides information and perspectives about a product or service.

Even today there are several services that offer services to review a product in the form of goods or services.

Some of the things that are usually presented in this type of content are:

  • Features
  • Price
  • Strengths or Weaknesses
  • Packaging display
  • And other things

In addition to Being zinteresting, the Content Must also be Original

Creating content for blogs, authenticity is also an important concern that you should pay attention to. Google gives harsh penalties to sites or blogs that are the result of copy-pasting or stealing other people’s content.

The penalty can be a decrease in blog rankings to the loss of the post from search engine search results. Create content that is truly your work and is not the result of plagiarism.

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Originality is not only related to differences in language style and delivery methods. The value of authenticity also concerns the novelty of the ideas you present in the content. Content that is original in terms of writing and ideas will have a high potential to rank higher in search engine search results.

That’s our little review of the types of content that are interesting and have the potential to bring a lot of traffic to the blog. Hopefully the information we share can be useful and help develop your blog. Thank you.

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