Information for members must be interesting to interested members. We dare not convey the message of some important tips or information on how to win at gambling. Because we don’t know what’s going to happen and which cards will be dealt when playing with other members. Of course, cards that are dealt randomly are not easy to predict.

Instead of providing members with inaccurate or unclear information that could be considered incorrect information. We prefer to discuss what happens every day in this online poker game of chance that is played by the Indonesians. Because the information that we convey can also be useful for other members in the future and help a little.

Information for Members Need to Know

The first piece of information members need to know is whether the member wants to play and deposit funds. It would be nice if members could confirm or ask about the 24 hour live chat service with customer service in advance. Why should it be like that? Members can also find out the status of the bank online, normal or offline, as well as malfunctions.


In this way, the transferred funds can be checked directly and processed as quickly as possible. If you want to transfer funds, make sure the destination account number is listed in the “Deposit Funds” menu. Since you can suddenly change your account, if you already have the balance and it turns out that the account has changed a few days ago, the balance is considered to have expired.

If you want to deposit please confirm first. Many members may be wondering about registration. There are members who ask if their account can be used to register on other poker sites? Of course, you can use the member’s account number to register for other websites.

But for situs judi online 1 account. So member accounts can only be registered for 1 account on the site, or 1 account cannot consist of two or more accounts. Make sure you fill in the information correctly and correctly, and include a good table name or username so you won’t regret it if the name is bad. Because there are no items or elements to change the username or table name of the account.

The account can be used to register other poker sites. In addition, when we play we need capital, skill or strategy if we want to win or avoid large losses. Members certainly want to compete and beat their opponents to make a lot of money easily and quickly.

Transferred Funds or Deposits

Members should now be aware that the strategy of playing in gangs is currently prohibited on Poker V’s online poker gambling site. Members who violate the game will also have their account blacklisted and some of the funds on their account will be confiscated or withdrawn. Do many members disagree? that is the rule. So it is better to play with pure, patient and mutual luck.

Gang play strategy was banned. In the case of deposit activities, of course, members who normally play actively or had problems with their fund processing. Which was delayed because the bank had a sudden disruption. Where we were forced to postpone until the bank is back to normal and we will review and work on it when the bank is back to normal.

There are poker members who ask to transfer their money to another account. This request from this member is impossible. We can’t do that. It is different if the member wants to deposit again at a normal bank or online. The funds of members who have already deposited with the bank of the disruption remain safe.

Transferring Transferred Funds. The transfer of the deposit mentioned here consists of first deleting the pending deposit form for member funds. Later we will then request or transmit the member’s deposit to another bank, using 3 unique denominations and filling in the form with the correct bank address.

When the transferred funds or deposits have just been successful. Members can fill out the deposit form again to claim the first funds transferred. Of course, if it’s normal, customer service can still process the funds. So members don’t have to worry about funds forfeiting. However, if a member asks to postpone the transfer earlier, we cannot help such a member. / Dy

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