Cara Optimasi SEO Website Judi Agar Peringkat Atas di Google

How to Optimize Gambling Website SEO to Reach Top Ranking on Google

Have you know about how to optimize gambling website SEO? If Through this post, we will discuss the method a bit for you. This is a bit more complicated than SEO techniques for general keywords.

This article is written for Indonesian online bookies. Especially those who are optimizing sites to rank in search engines. Regardless you may use the services of a professional SEO company or not, understanding the basics of SEO is very important.

SEO service providers, may do technical things according to the contract. And there, as a website owner, will do it with love. So, understanding the basic techniques, allows you to do SEO improvisation.

Things You Should know

All forms of gambling, both live and online, are still prohibited in Indonesia. Many of you certainly understand this.

However, for those of you who work in the field of web developers, sometimes you have to face clients who ask to make a website with this online gambling niche.

Many companies that run a professional SEO service business refuse orders or requests for optimization of gambling sites. Due to various factors. Moreover, have to face the fact that; Optimizing the type of gambling website, it is quite difficult.

The important thing that cannot be ignored, is the fact that online gambling sites are included in the YMYL site standard. It is about a website that deals with money and the fate of people. Google wants to make sure the business concerned has a higher level of moral responsibility and trustworthiness than common types of sites.

First, fulfill what is needed to pass the YMYL quality standard. Just stepped into another.

How to Optimize Gambling Website SEO

Related to how to optimize gambling website SEO. On this occasion, we will discuss a little about how to optimize a website with this type of niche. Here’s the full review;

1. Create Pages That Respond to the Needs of Users

First step we are going to discuss about how to optimize gambling websites is create a website page that answers user’s needs.

For example, internet users want to look for casino gaming sites with small bets. Then the page that contains the content is what you should serve. For this section, you can also create a title on your home page that reflects what your website page contains.

For example, if you optimize a casino gambling site. Then you can make page titles relevant to your niche or service. For example you can create a title, like; Trusted Online Casino Gambling Site, Trusted Live Casino Gambling Site in Asia and more.

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2. Let Search Engines Access Your Site Easily

Still talking about how to optimize gambling website SEO, the next step is to ensure that search engines can access the online gambling site that you are optimizing for. In this case, the selection of scripts that you use in your website also plays an important role.

Today there are many Javascript scripts that offer a dazzling look. But unfortunately, Google doesn’t really like websites with this script.

According to some SEO experts, Google tends to prefer HTML5 scripts.

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3. Increase Click Through Rate (CTR)

Increasing the ratio value of the CTR is also a PR related to how how to optimize gambling website SEO that you have to do.

To increase the CTR itself, there are actually hundreds of ways and methods that you can use. Starting from creating clickbait titles, using numbers or visually appealing elements such as exclamation points and many others.

But in this section, you have to do a little trial and error to find the right way to increase the CTR of the gambling website you are optimizing for.

This takes time, but once you have the formula. The CTR ratio of the gambling sites you manage will increase.

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4. Increase Pagespeed (Website Loading Speed)

In ranking, Google has included pagespeed as a factor in the assessment. This has been the case since 2010.

So increasing the pagespeed of the gambling site that you optimize is another important thing that you must execute.

If the website you are optimizing has a lower pagespeed than competitor gambling sites. Then it is very likely that your website will not be able to get a higher ranking than competitors.

To be able to check or see the speed of your own website, there are many tools that you can use such as pingdom, Google Pagespeed Insight, Geek Flare, WebPage Test and many more.

Regarding the access speed of a website itself, there are several things that affect it, starting from the number of scripts you have, the size of the images on other pages.

Usually when checking website speed, the checking report will also contain issues that affect the speed of the website you are optimizing. Use this data to increase the speed of the website you are optimizing for.

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5. Write Unique and Relevant Contents

Next step on how to optimize gambling website is writing unique article. In the world of SEO, the implementation of SEO and relevant content is an inseparable pair. Regardless of the issue of gambling sites or not, Google will always prioritize sites with relevant content.

This is also the reason why Google updates its algorithm so often that it can provide relevant content in its search results.

For that, you must also pay attention to what content I will present on the gambling site.

Present interesting article content for your readers. And of course make sure that you apply SEO writing rules every time you create content, namely by inserting keywords.

To do keyword research, you can use the research tools we described earlier. You can use free or paid tools.

If you want to use a free keyword research tool, you can consider using keywordtool io, Ubersuggest or keyword shitter.

Meanwhile, if you want more complete keyword data, you can use paid keyword research tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, KWFinder and others.

In addition to the application of keywords, you also have to pay attention to the number of words you use in your content. Make sure that the content of the article you create contains at least 300 words or more. This is the standard of SEO content writing to date.

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6. Write Relevant Contents

Despite knowing the importance of relevant content for gambling sites. Maybe some of you still don’t understand about this. The relevant content here is the content that internet users are looking for.

To find this out, you can do keyword research, especially using a keyword research tool. After you get the keywords that have the potential to bring in traffic, then create article content using these keywords.

Generally, the content presented is in the form of tips, advantages and copywriting articles about the online gambling services offered.

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7. Implementate Outbound Links

In implementing SEO for any type of website, linking quality outbound links is very important. This will affect the way Google views the website you are optimizing for.

Quality outbound links are outbound links that lead to high-pagerank sites. In this case, you can choose general sites as your target such as wikipedia, wikihow, Investopedia and even Youtube.

Link quality outbound links for each article content that you produce. Of course the text where the outbound link is linked must be relevant. For example, you want to create an outbound link for the word Singapore, then you can link a wikipedia link related to Singapore for that word.

8. Implementate Inbound Links

Not only outbound links. The application of inbound links is also one of the parameters that Google considers. The application of Inbound links in SEO itself plays an important role in reducing the bounce rate of the website. This is why implementing inbound links is also important if you want to know how to optimize gambling website.

To explain a little, the bounce rate itself is a percentage ratio that shows the number of website visitors who immediately leave the related website, after only opening one page.

According to many SEO experts, this bounce rate can occur due to lack of quality content or poor navigation on the page. Inbound links play a role in keeping visitors from leaving the website immediately after exploring one piece of content.

Simply put, Inbound links are recommendations for reading or other content on your website. Of course the inbound links you include must be related to the previous content.

For example, you present content in a blog SEO way. You can recommend related content such as how to write SEO articles or build backlinks.

9. Optimize the Images You Use

The supporting images that you use on your website should also be another part that you optimize. Images with low resolution are a sign that a site is fake or of poor quality.

But on the other hand, an image file size that is too large can reduce the loading speed of a page. For this problem, you can take image compression as a solution. Compress the image you are using before uploading it. So that the image file size is not too large.

10. Build Backlinks For Your Gambling Website

For gambling websites, you will need lots of backlinks to be able to optimize them. This is quite reasonable, considering that the competition for the gambling site itself is quite high.

The problem is, not all sites are willing and brave to provide backlinks to online gambling sites. This happens due to various factors.

In this section, you can build backlinks using PBN (Private Blog Network) services. This PBN is basically the same as a blog, but its purpose is more to be a source of backlinks to the main website, in this case a gambling website.

In addition to using PBN, usually gambling site developers also use other blogging platforms such as bloggers and also a medium to build backlinks to gambling websites.

But unfortunately, some free blogging platforms like Medium and others limit negatively charged content like gambling. If you use the medium, you certainly know the new policy of the medium, namely the content will go through an investigation process by the medium before it can be published.

Simply put, PBN may be the only solution to build backlinks to the gambling website that you currently have.

Another solution, you might reach out to outside websites. Where the gambling niche is not a ban. Outside, there are many countries that legalize gambling. That means, there are many websites out there ready to sell backlinks for your site.

As a recommendation from us, there are several free backlink sources that can be used. Visit the following 2 backlink source pages: Link 1 – Link 2.

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11. Use Social Media Share

Google’s current algorithm update causes social media shares to no longer be a determining factor in search rankings. But this does not mean that social media share is not important.

Social media share remains one of the elements that is taken into account and has an indirect impact on the ranking of the gambling website that you optimize.

Doing social media sharing can provide several benefits for your online gambling site. Some of these benefits are:

Additional visits from social media
Strengthen branding
Increase the satisfaction factor

12. Focus on Your KPIs

The last point related to how to optimize gambling website SEO is about KPIs. For those of you who have just heard this term, KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is a measuring tool that describes the achievement of the goals of an effort. The effort in question in this case is SEO optimization for gambling sites.

Each step in optimization is something that should be clear. Therefore, make KPIs related to the optimization you are doing. This KPI can be in the form of a table containing revenue progress, number of sign ups, amount of traffic, ranking and SEO Enhancement.

Why is Gambling Website SEO Optimization Looks Difficult?

As previously mentioned, optimizing this gambling website is very difficult. This has been mentioned before, which is due to the high competition for this type of niche and keywords.

If you do a little research, you will find a lot of gambling sites scattered on the internet and you have to beat them all to occupy the first place.

The problem is not only in the high number of competition from this type of niche. But the rule of law and the belief system that exists in Indonesia itself.

The gambling industry, especially in Indonesia, is banned by the government. This makes it difficult for SEO experts in many ways. In particular, as mentioned above, about the difficulty of building a backlink building strategy.

You will hit a dead end to get quality backlinks from high authority sites. Some bloggers even believe in myths that the gambling niche is against Google’s rules. Despite the fact, Google ranks for the gambling niche.

Another problem, is the consequence when gambling sites start appearing on search engine pages. It will be seen by law enforcement, where the site is potentially blocked by the government.

That means, you have to optimize from Zero. Although you can just do a 301 redirect system to a new domain.

In this case, you might think about using website advertising services from several sites, such as movie streaming sites. But believe me that this will not be effective and only provide less quality backlinks.

Optimizing the SEO of Gambling Websites Takes a Long Time

Dealing with the difficulties of implementing gambling website SEO. So it takes quite a long time to be able to optimize the visibility of gambling sites in search engines.

In addition, SEO experts who optimize must also implement SEO very smoothly so as not to offend government rules and end up being blocked.


From the many discussions above. There are several important points about how to optimize gambling website SEO. To be clear, here are some of the points:

  • Create web pages that answer the needs of the user
  • Creating a website that can be accessed by search engines
  • Increase Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Increase page load speed (pagespeed)
  • Writing relevant content for gambling websites
  • Implementation of quality outbound links to high pagerank sites such as wikipedia, Youtube, Wikihow and others.
  • Implementing inbound links to reduce the bounce rate on the website.
  • Compressing supporting images that will be used on the website before uploading them.
  • Social media sharing is also important. Not only to help improve rankings in Google search results, but also to improve the branding of the site.
  • Build lots of quality backlinks
  • Creating KPIs to measure the progress of SEO implementation

That’s a glimpse of information about how to optimize gambling website SEO. Hopefully this information can add to your insight in terms of implementing SEO. Thank you.