How to Build Quality Backlinks For Gambling Sites

Cara Membuat Backlink Berkualitas Untuk Situs Judi
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How to build quality backlinks for gambling sites? In this review, we will discuss a little about this.

Doing SEO optimization for gambling sites must be said to have its own challenges or difficult. Because Google itself has limited online gambling services for several countries, including Indonesia.

However, this does not mean that gambling sites are illegal to enter Google searches. Search engines still provide gambling sites with opportunities to enter Google pages. Although it may have a high chance of getting access restrictions.

Google Doesn’t Allow Gambling Content Ads

Using Google ads is one way of how to build quality backlinks in order to get traffic.

However, this does not apply to gambling sites. If you go to Google’s guidelines and rules. Google only advertises gambling sites that apply for certification. This certification application only applies to countries that have no problem with online gambling and Indonesia is not one of them.

The Challenge of Building Quality Backlinks For Gambling Sites

Building high quality backlinks is one of the challenges in the SEO optimization process. You may also use this way if you want to optimize gambling website or anything website you have. And you must know, that backlinks has become one of Google’s parameters for ranking placement.

Simply put, more and more people use related sites as references. Then the more likely Google gives a good ranking of search results.

The problem is, very few sites allow outbound links to negatively charged sites. Linking to negative sites can have a negative impact on a site’s ranking. This can lead to a lower ranking in search engines.

How to Build Quality Backlinks for Gambling Sites

How to Build Quality Backlinks For Gambling Sites
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As mentioned earlier, there are not many sites that can be used as a place to build backlinks, because they do not allow outbound links to negatively charged sites.

Overcoming this problem, many gambling site developers turn to backlink services or SEO services as a solution to the problem. The problem is, you will probably pay more,

In building links or backlinks for their own gambling sites, usually SEO services will use PBN (Private Blog Network). PBN is actually the same as blogs in general. However, it is specifically intended to build backlinks for a particular site, in this case a gambling site.

Even though you use PBN, you still have to do the application of outgoing links in a professional manner. So that Google does not offend the content rules from Google for Indonesia.

This is closely related to the content in the PBN.

In Google’s rules, it is implied that Google does not like hard promotional content for online gambling. In addition, the high competition for online gambling keywords is another problem.

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Creating positive or informative content about online gambling is a solution that you can choose. Avoid creating content that is hard promotion such as the best online gambling sites, bookies sites and others.

Using Affiliate Programs Can Also Be An Option

In addition to creating backlinks using PBN. Using affiliate services is also another option that can be chosen on how to build quality backlinks for gambling websites. In contrast to backlink services using PBN, this affiliate option usually doesn’t have a very good impact on gambling sites.

This option only helps increase the number of visits from gambling sites. The resulting links are usually no follow links and are spam.

Usually backlinks to gambling sites are embedded in advertisements placed on sites that offer affiliate programs. The ads here also include pop up ads.

From our observations, most of the sites that offer this affiliate program are illegal movie streaming sites which are equally prohibited under Indonesian regulations.

In essence, this option you can choose. However, it will not provide quality backlinks for gambling sites.

Using Content Sharing Platforms To Build Backlinks

Still talking about how to build quality backlinks for gambling sites. In addition to using PBN services and affiliate programs, there is actually a last way that you can choose. This method is actually very conventional, namely by using a content sharing platform. There are some sites that don’t have strict rules for their content.

You can use this as a gap to build quality backlinks for your gambling site. Some of the content sharing platform sites with less strict rules are as follows:

  • Reddit
  • Steemit
  • Hatenablog
  • Skyrock

That’s a little discussion about how to build quality backlinks for gambling sites. Hopefully our discussion this time can provide you with more insight into SEO optimization techniques, especially backlink building.

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