What is Fan Tan Live Game

What is Fan Tan Live Game

Fan Tan Live game is a brand new live game casino created by Evolution. Simple Chinese slot game with an RTP system of 98.75% and a maximum bet of 10,000 euros. That is why making it suitable for high rollers as well. 

This game brings back Fan Tan, an ancient Chinese game played with beads. The object of the game is to predict the total number of beads left after the collection is split into clusters of four. Apart from a range of betting options, Fan Tan Live has no other special features.

 Evolution deliberately opted for a simple gameplay in order to keep the original game as much as possible in its value. Flashy features and eye-catching symbols would only make the experience less quality.

How to Play Fan Tan Live Game

Fan Tan live game is live casino game from China that mainly depends on chance. In the old days, someone would take out a handful of coffee beans and throw them on the table. Then the beans were divided into groups of four and placed in rows. The participants bet money on how many beans would be in the last row and that’s how Fan Tan was born.

It is a modern version of Fan Tan. The game works the same way as the original version, but the difference is that it takes place in a modern casino studio and the coffee beans are replaced by beads. The dealer uses a cup to separate any number of beads from the large collection when the round begins.

It is also beautifully decorated with red and gold colors and a decorative dragon as a tribute to Chinese tradition. How to play Fan Tan Live game, place a bet between 0.50 euros and 10,000 euros. The main bets are 1, 2, 3 or 4 stones. Players can bet on Small, Big, Odd and Even, just like Super Sic Bo.

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Fan Tan Live Game : Betting and Payout Options

Fan Tan Live game is a brand new live game casino created by Evolution. Simple Chinese slot game with an RTP system of 98.75% and a maximum bet of 10,000 euro

The nice thing is that you can see how the other players place their bets. This can help you make your own decision.

Symbols and Additional Functions

There are several bets you can place when playing Fan Tan Live. Below you will find a handy overview:

  • Fan. bets are the simplest bets. They are available in the base game. The player simply bets on one of the four numbers to win.
  • Nim bets allow you to cover two numbers at once. If you correctly predict the first number, you win. If the second number is correct, the outcome is a draw and you get your money back. 
  • Kwok, this bet is only available in advanced mode. Kwok bets are the simplified version of Nims. Kwoks cover two numbers, but are easier to win.
  • Sheh-sam-hong, these bets pay 0.316667:1. This is the safest Fan Tan bet as it includes three numbers. For example, you can bet on 1, 2 and 3 at the same time.
  • Big orSmall, the big bets are 1 and 2 and the small bets are 3 and 4.
  • Odd/Even, 1 and 3 are odd and 2 and 4 are even bets. The payout for each is 0.95:1.

After all bets are placed, the dealer takes a special cup and randomly picks a set of beads. 

Fan Tan Live Game : About Verdict

Fan Tan Live game is kind on by fans of Chinese culture. But the Evolution’s version, it is also increasingly played by players who know nothing about Chinese culture. It is a simple casino game that does not require any special knowledge or skills. It does have a plethora of betting options that can confuse you, especially if you’re playing for the first time.

Fans of Evolution are already excited as the well-known live provider shows something new in the casino studio. The beautiful theme and the professional dealer are beautifully portrayed. And game itself is very refreshing as it has nothing to do with the many typical card and table games. The unconventional rules and innovative equipment are a great combination.