How to Optimize Gambling Website SEO to Reach Top Ranking on Google

Have you know about how to optimize gambling website SEO? If Through this post, we will discuss the method a bit for you. This is a bit more complicated than SEO techniques for general keywords.

This article is written for Indonesian online bookies. Especially those who are optimizing sites to rank in search engines. Regardless you may use the services of a professional SEO company or not, understanding the basics of SEO is very important.

SEO service providers, may do technical things according to the contract. And there, as a website owner, will do it with love. So, understanding the basic techniques, allows you to do SEO improvisation.

Things You Should know

How to Optimize Gambling Website

All forms of gambling, both live and online, are still prohibited in Indonesia. Many of you certainly understand this.

However, for those of you who work in the field of web developers, sometimes you have to face clients who ask to make a website with this online gambling niche.

Many companies that run a professional SEO service business refuse orders or requests for optimization of gambling sites. Due to various factors. Moreover, have to face the fact that; Optimizing the type of gambling website, it is quite difficult.

The important thing that cannot be ignored, is the fact that online gambling sites are included in the YMYL site standard. It is about a website that deals with money and the fate of people. Google wants to make sure the business concerned has a higher level of moral responsibility and trustworthiness than common types of sites.

First, fulfill what is needed to pass the YMYL quality standard. Just stepped into another.

How to Optimize Gambling Website SEO

Related to how to optimize gambling website SEO. On this occasion, we will discuss a little about how to optimize a website with this type of niche. Here’s the full review;

1. Create Pages That Respond to the Needs of Users

First step we are going to discuss about how to optimize gambling websites is create a website page that answers user’s needs.

For example, internet users want to look for casino gaming sites with small bets. Then the page that contains the content is what you should serve. For this section, you can also create a title on your home page that reflects what your website page contains.

For example, if you optimize a casino gambling site. Then you can make page titles relevant to your niche or service. For example you can create a title, like; Trusted Online Casino Gambling Site, Trusted Live Casino Gambling Site in Asia and more.

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2. Let Search Engines Access Your Site Easily

Still talking about how to optimize gambling website SEO, the next step is to ensure that search engines can access the online gambling site that you are optimizing for. In this case, the selection of scripts that you use in your website also plays an important role.

Today there are many Javascript scripts that offer a dazzling look. But unfortunately, Google doesn’t really like websites with this script.

According to some SEO experts, Google tends to prefer HTML5 scripts.

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3. Increase Click Through Rate (CTR)

Increasing the ratio value of the CTR is also a PR related to how how to optimize gambling website SEO that you have to do.

To increase the CTR itself, there are actually hundreds of ways and methods that you can use. Starting from creating clickbait titles, using numbers or visually appealing elements such as exclamation points and many others.

But in this section, you have to do a little trial and error to find the right way to increase the CTR of the gambling website you are optimizing for.

This takes time, but once you have the formula. The CTR ratio of the gambling sites you manage will increase.

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4. Increase Pagespeed (Website Loading Speed)

In ranking, Google has included pagespeed as a factor in the assessment. This has been the case since 2010.

So increasing the pagespeed of the gambling site that you optimize is another important thing that you must execute.

If the website you are optimizing has a lower pagespeed than competitor gambling sites. Then it is very likely that your website will not be able to get a higher ranking than competitors.

To be able to check or see the speed of your own website, there are many tools that you can use such as pingdom, Google Pagespeed Insight, Geek Flare, WebPage Test and many more.

Regarding the access speed of a website itself, there are several things that affect it, starting from the number of scripts you have, the size of the images on other pages.

Usually when checking website speed, the checking report will also contain issues that affect the speed of the website you are optimizing. Use this data to increase the speed of the website you are optimizing for.

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5. Write Unique and Relevant Contents

Next step on how to optimize gambling website is writing unique article. In the world of SEO, the implementation of SEO and relevant content is an inseparable pair. Regardless of the issue of gambling sites or not, Google will always prioritize sites with relevant content.

This is also the reason why Google updates its algorithm so often that it can provide relevant content in its search results.

For that, you must also pay attention to what content I will present on the gambling site.

Present interesting article content for your readers. And of course make sure that you apply SEO writing rules every time you create content, namely by inserting keywords.

To do keyword research, you can use the research tools we described earlier. You can use free or paid tools.

If you want to use a free keyword research tool, you can consider using keywordtool io, Ubersuggest or keyword shitter.

Meanwhile, if you want more complete keyword data, you can use paid keyword research tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, KWFinder and others.

In addition to the application of keywords, you also have to pay attention to the number of words you use in your content. Make sure that the content of the article you create contains at least 300 words or more. This is the standard of SEO content writing to date.

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6. Write Relevant Contents

Despite knowing the importance of relevant content for gambling sites. Maybe some of you still don’t understand about this. The relevant content here is the content that internet users are looking for.

To find this out, you can do keyword research, especially using a keyword research tool. After you get the keywords that have the potential to bring in traffic, then create article content using these keywords.

Generally, the content presented is in the form of tips, advantages and copywriting articles about the online gambling services offered.

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7. Implementate Outbound Links

In implementing SEO for any type of website, linking quality outbound links is very important. This will affect the way Google views the website you are optimizing for.

Quality outbound links are outbound links that lead to high-pagerank sites. In this case, you can choose general sites as your target such as wikipedia, wikihow, Investopedia and even Youtube.

Link quality outbound links for each article content that you produce. Of course the text where the outbound link is linked must be relevant. For example, you want to create an outbound link for the word Singapore, then you can link a wikipedia link related to Singapore for that word.

8. Implementate Inbound Links

Not only outbound links. The application of inbound links is also one of the parameters that Google considers. The application of Inbound links in SEO itself plays an important role in reducing the bounce rate of the website. This is why implementing inbound links is also important if you want to know how to optimize gambling website.

To explain a little, the bounce rate itself is a percentage ratio that shows the number of website visitors who immediately leave the related website, after only opening one page.

According to many SEO experts, this bounce rate can occur due to lack of quality content or poor navigation on the page. Inbound links play a role in keeping visitors from leaving the website immediately after exploring one piece of content.

Simply put, Inbound links are recommendations for reading or other content on your website. Of course the inbound links you include must be related to the previous content.

For example, you present content in a blog SEO way. You can recommend related content such as how to write SEO articles or build backlinks.

9. Optimize the Images You Use

The supporting images that you use on your website should also be another part that you optimize. Images with low resolution are a sign that a site is fake or of poor quality.

But on the other hand, an image file size that is too large can reduce the loading speed of a page. For this problem, you can take image compression as a solution. Compress the image you are using before uploading it. So that the image file size is not too large.

10. Build Backlinks For Your Gambling Website

For gambling websites, you will need lots of backlinks to be able to optimize them. This is quite reasonable, considering that the competition for the gambling site itself is quite high.

The problem is, not all sites are willing and brave to provide backlinks to online gambling sites. This happens due to various factors.

In this section, you can build backlinks using PBN (Private Blog Network) services. This PBN is basically the same as a blog, but its purpose is more to be a source of backlinks to the main website, in this case a gambling website.

In addition to using PBN, usually gambling site developers also use other blogging platforms such as bloggers and also a medium to build backlinks to gambling websites.

But unfortunately, some free blogging platforms like Medium and others limit negatively charged content like gambling. If you use the medium, you certainly know the new policy of the medium, namely the content will go through an investigation process by the medium before it can be published.

Simply put, PBN may be the only solution to build backlinks to the gambling website that you currently have.

Another solution, you might reach out to outside websites. Where the gambling niche is not a ban. Outside, there are many countries that legalize gambling. That means, there are many websites out there ready to sell backlinks for your site.

As a recommendation from us, there are several free backlink sources that can be used. Visit the following 2 backlink source pages: Link 1 – Link 2.

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11. Use Social Media Share

Google’s current algorithm update causes social media shares to no longer be a determining factor in search rankings. But this does not mean that social media share is not important.

Social media share remains one of the elements that is taken into account and has an indirect impact on the ranking of the gambling website that you optimize.

Doing social media sharing can provide several benefits for your online gambling site. Some of these benefits are:

Additional visits from social media
Strengthen branding
Increase the satisfaction factor

12. Focus on Your KPIs

The last point related to how to optimize gambling website SEO is about KPIs. For those of you who have just heard this term, KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is a measuring tool that describes the achievement of the goals of an effort. The effort in question in this case is SEO optimization for gambling sites.

Each step in optimization is something that should be clear. Therefore, make KPIs related to the optimization you are doing. This KPI can be in the form of a table containing revenue progress, number of sign ups, amount of traffic, ranking and SEO Enhancement.

Why is Gambling Website SEO Optimization Looks Difficult?

As previously mentioned, optimizing this gambling website is very difficult. This has been mentioned before, which is due to the high competition for this type of niche and keywords.

If you do a little research, you will find a lot of gambling sites scattered on the internet and you have to beat them all to occupy the first place.

The problem is not only in the high number of competition from this type of niche. But the rule of law and the belief system that exists in Indonesia itself.

The gambling industry, especially in Indonesia, is banned by the government. This makes it difficult for SEO experts in many ways. In particular, as mentioned above, about the difficulty of building a backlink building strategy.

You will hit a dead end to get quality backlinks from high authority sites. Some bloggers even believe in myths that the gambling niche is against Google’s rules. Despite the fact, Google ranks for the gambling niche.

Another problem, is the consequence when gambling sites start appearing on search engine pages. It will be seen by law enforcement, where the site is potentially blocked by the government.

That means, you have to optimize from Zero. Although you can just do a 301 redirect system to a new domain.

In this case, you might think about using website advertising services from several sites, such as movie streaming sites. But believe me that this will not be effective and only provide less quality backlinks.

Optimizing the SEO of Gambling Websites Takes a Long Time

Dealing with the difficulties of implementing gambling website SEO. So it takes quite a long time to be able to optimize the visibility of gambling sites in search engines.

In addition, SEO experts who optimize must also implement SEO very smoothly so as not to offend government rules and end up being blocked.


From the many discussions above. There are several important points about how to optimize gambling website SEO. To be clear, here are some of the points:

  • Create web pages that answer the needs of the user
  • Creating a website that can be accessed by search engines
  • Increase Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Increase page load speed (pagespeed)
  • Writing relevant content for gambling websites
  • Implementation of quality outbound links to high pagerank sites such as wikipedia, Youtube, Wikihow and others.
  • Implementing inbound links to reduce the bounce rate on the website.
  • Compressing supporting images that will be used on the website before uploading them.
  • Social media sharing is also important. Not only to help improve rankings in Google search results, but also to improve the branding of the site.
  • Build lots of quality backlinks
  • Creating KPIs to measure the progress of SEO implementation

That’s a glimpse of information about how to optimize gambling website SEO. Hopefully this information can add to your insight in terms of implementing SEO. Thank you.

Steps to get the Best Online Gambling Sites

Steps to Get the Best Online Gambling Sites – Of course, the increasing number of online gambling sites today need to be searched accurately. Because if members really find the best side, you naturally enjoy the opportunity to continue on the path to success throughout the game.

Therefore, in order to find the best sites, every gambling member has to do a step-by-step search and often ask more experienced gamblers for the addresses of the best sites. This minimizes the chances of being fooled by fake websites currently circulating while performing a search.

Some Steps to get the Best Online Gambling Sites

Steps to get the Best Online Gambling Sites

As a proper method to use in finding the best websites, here are some suggestions to use in your search.

Regular visits to the Internet

Indeed, currently the internet is the easiest way to search. Including the desire of every member to find a trusted gambling site with the best quality.

Please note down the best site keywords each time you visit the Internet. And then each member will be suggested various names of sites that offer the best quality assurance. And to choose a website that guarantees profit, please look for the best services and facilities available to you. This guarantee, of course, makes the game even more exciting.

Ask experienced players

Of course, to get the best site address, gambling can benefit from colleagues who both work in the world of online gambling. Please ask questions or suggestions regarding the site names to choose from. Or members can go directly to well-known gambling forums.

In forums, professional gamblers usually share the addresses of trusted websites with other members. Of course, choosing some of these recommended sites will make finding the best site addresses easier.

Those are some steps that every member can take to get the best situs judi online they want. Please try to do a search by comparing some of the names of websites you have visited. Have fun playing and enjoy the game with the best side of your choice. / Dy

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How to Build Quality Backlinks For Gambling Sites

How to build quality backlinks for gambling sites? In this review, we will discuss a little about this.

Doing SEO optimization for gambling sites must be said to have its own challenges or difficult. Because Google itself has limited online gambling services for several countries, including Indonesia.

However, this does not mean that gambling sites are illegal to enter Google searches. Search engines still provide gambling sites with opportunities to enter Google pages. Although it may have a high chance of getting access restrictions.

Google Doesn’t Allow Gambling Content Ads

Using Google ads is one way of how to build quality backlinks in order to get traffic.

However, this does not apply to gambling sites. If you go to Google’s guidelines and rules. Google only advertises gambling sites that apply for certification. This certification application only applies to countries that have no problem with online gambling and Indonesia is not one of them.

The Challenge of Building Quality Backlinks For Gambling Sites

Building high quality backlinks is one of the challenges in the SEO optimization process. You may also use this way if you want to optimize gambling website or anything website you have. And you must know, that backlinks has become one of Google’s parameters for ranking placement.

Simply put, more and more people use related sites as references. Then the more likely Google gives a good ranking of search results.

The problem is, very few sites allow outbound links to negatively charged sites. Linking to negative sites can have a negative impact on a site’s ranking. This can lead to a lower ranking in search engines.

How to Build Quality Backlinks for Gambling Sites

How to Build Quality Backlinks For Gambling Sites
Backlinks Technology Online Web Business team hands at work with financial reports and a laptop

As mentioned earlier, there are not many sites that can be used as a place to build backlinks, because they do not allow outbound links to negatively charged sites.

Overcoming this problem, many gambling site developers turn to backlink services or SEO services as a solution to the problem. The problem is, you will probably pay more,

In building links or backlinks for their own gambling sites, usually SEO services will use PBN (Private Blog Network). PBN is actually the same as blogs in general. However, it is specifically intended to build backlinks for a particular site, in this case a gambling site.

Even though you use PBN, you still have to do the application of outgoing links in a professional manner. So that Google does not offend the content rules from Google for Indonesia.

This is closely related to the content in the PBN.

In Google’s rules, it is implied that Google does not like hard promotional content for online gambling. In addition, the high competition for online gambling keywords is another problem.

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Creating positive or informative content about online gambling is a solution that you can choose. Avoid creating content that is hard promotion such as the best online gambling sites, bookies sites and others.

Using Affiliate Programs Can Also Be An Option

In addition to creating backlinks using PBN. Using affiliate services is also another option that can be chosen on how to build quality backlinks for gambling websites. In contrast to backlink services using PBN, this affiliate option usually doesn’t have a very good impact on gambling sites.

This option only helps increase the number of visits from gambling sites. The resulting links are usually no follow links and are spam.

Usually backlinks to gambling sites are embedded in advertisements placed on sites that offer affiliate programs. The ads here also include pop up ads.

From our observations, most of the sites that offer this affiliate program are illegal movie streaming sites which are equally prohibited under Indonesian regulations.

In essence, this option you can choose. However, it will not provide quality backlinks for gambling sites.

Using Content Sharing Platforms To Build Backlinks

Still talking about how to build quality backlinks for gambling sites. In addition to using PBN services and affiliate programs, there is actually a last way that you can choose. This method is actually very conventional, namely by using a content sharing platform. There are some sites that don’t have strict rules for their content.

You can use this as a gap to build quality backlinks for your gambling site. Some of the content sharing platform sites with less strict rules are as follows:

  • Reddit
  • Steemit
  • Hatenablog
  • Skyrock

That’s a little discussion about how to build quality backlinks for gambling sites. Hopefully our discussion this time can provide you with more insight into SEO optimization techniques, especially backlink building.

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4 Types of Interesting Content That Can Bring Traffic To Your Blog

What types of interesting content and can bring a lot of traffic to the blog? Through this article, we will briefly review it for you.

As is known, content is an important part of a blog or website. Content itself has long been one of the influencing factors in the implementation of SEO.

Google is quite strict in choosing the content to be displayed in search results. Google only shows content that is relevant to the keyword. Therefore, providing quality and relevant content is the task of web managers, in addition to applying SEO techniques.

The application of SEO techniques must be recognized as very important to do. But in this case, relevant and quality content is much more important. Without interesting content, visitors will only stop by for a while and will not visit your blog again.

Attractive Content Types To Bring Traffic

Well, on this occasion, we will provide recommendations for types of content that are interesting and have the potential to bring a lot of traffic to the blogs that you manage. Here’s the full review.

Types of Interesting Content

1. Guide Content

The first type of some types of interesting content that has great potential to bring a lot of traffic to your blog is guide type content. This guide content is a type of content whose contents provide a guide for using or doing something.

The content of this guide is also fairly sought after and is usually long term. Long term here means that it will be searched for in the long term.

For example, articles about how to get rid of acne (In the future, there will be many internet users looking for this content).

2. Infographic Content

Infographic content is also a type of content that has the potential to bring a lot of traffic to a blog. For those of you who are not familiar with this type of content, this content is content that focuses on presenting data in the form of images, such as graphs, tables and others.

You need to know that not all internet users like to read. This infographic content targets the type of internet users who are lazy to read. By presenting data in the form of images, it will help internet users to get information more easily.

An important note. If you are serving type content, then make sure that the data you are using is valid data. Don’t forget to also use an interesting style of language. That way, this content will optimally increase engagement and visits to your blog.

In Indonesia, this type of content may not be very popular. But some big sites like CNN and BBC use this type of content to bring traffic.

3. List Content

Still talking about blogging and interesting types of content to bring in traffic. Listicle type content or lists are other types of content that you can choose from.

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This type of content can be said to be one of the most popular. Many bloggers who make articles by taking this type. Examples such as:

  • 10 Best Android Photo Editing Apps
  • 10 Reasons why you should save
  • And many others.

Creating listicle type article content is actually very easy. You just need to collect multiple sources and then summarize them into one piece of content.

Some well-known sites that use this type of content and successfully bring in a lot of traffic are IDN times and Hipwee. You can directly check both sites.

Review Content

The last type of interesting content on our list is the type of review content. This type of content is one of the most sought after by Indonesian bloggers. This type of content provides information and perspectives about a product or service.

Even today there are several services that offer services to review a product in the form of goods or services.

Some of the things that are usually presented in this type of content are:

  • Features
  • Price
  • Strengths or Weaknesses
  • Packaging display
  • And other things

In addition to Being zinteresting, the Content Must also be Original

Creating content for blogs, authenticity is also an important concern that you should pay attention to. Google gives harsh penalties to sites or blogs that are the result of copy-pasting or stealing other people’s content.

The penalty can be a decrease in blog rankings to the loss of the post from search engine search results. Create content that is truly your work and is not the result of plagiarism.

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Originality is not only related to differences in language style and delivery methods. The value of authenticity also concerns the novelty of the ideas you present in the content. Content that is original in terms of writing and ideas will have a high potential to rank higher in search engine search results.

That’s our little review of the types of content that are interesting and have the potential to bring a lot of traffic to the blog. Hopefully the information we share can be useful and help develop your blog. Thank you.

Are you an online bookie and have gambling website? Do you want to optimize it? Then you may visit our other article about how to optimize your gambling website? We hope it may help you.

Writing Quality Content For Blogs, How To Do It?

Content is important in implementing SEO. To help maximize SEO, writing quality content has become a mandatory thing to do today. Quality content can help a site rank well in search engine search results.

But unfortunately there are still many blog or site managers who still don’t understand how to create quality content for their sites.

Let us say you have website such gambling website and you want to optimize your gambling website, then you must know that one important thing you should do is writing content with high quality.

How to Write Quality Content For Blogs

It deals with writing quality content. We will give a few tips for writing quality content. Here are some of these tips:

Writing Quality Content
Writing Quality Content

1. Create Original Content

The originality of content is one of Google’s parameters in determining the ranking of posts. Presenting original content can make your posts and blogs rank well for the topics or keywords you are targeting.

Conversely, if you plagiarize other people’s content, aka copy and paste. Google will lower the ranking of blogs or posts in search results. Even Google can kick related blogs from search results. For that, always make sure to write original content for your blog.

2. Headlines Are the Power of Content

In writing content, content is indeed an important and main part. But strengthening it by using Headlines is one thing you should do.

Based on many studies. 80% of people looking for information only read Headlines and don’t read the entire content. Again, this is what makes the presence of headlines in articles important.

3. Can Provide Answers For Readers

One example of interesting content is content that can provide answers to readers’ questions. Internet users who access your article content certainly have a question or are looking for something. Here is the task for you to provide answers that are to do point and clear through your articles.

Readers don’t read articles to get a number of long openings. Therefore, make an article that would directly answer the question without having to go round and round. Of course, the information you provide must also be based on a trusted source.

4. Give Informative Language Style

Still talking about writing quality content for blogs. Another tip you apply is to use informative language style. In presenting the material, try to use a light, informative style of language.

Make every sentence you write easy to understand. You should also avoid using foreign or heavy language. This is for the sake of presenting light but informative content.

If you use wordpress, you can use a plugin called Yoast. This plugin can check the readability of the articles you create. You can set this plugin as a parameter.

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5. Use Supporting Images and Videos

Some people are better able to understand pictures or explanations visually (video) than in writing. For that, try to provide supporting images or videos of the material or discussion that you provide.

The images or videos you provide can be in the form of diagrams or simple summaries. You can also embed videos on Youtube to support the material you describe in the article.

6. Give Recommendations To Trusted Sites

Every time you create article content for your blog, try to provide links to trusted reference sites. For example, if you provide content about movies, then provide a site reference to get complete information about the site such as IMDB, Netflix and others.

This will make the content more credible in the eyes of Google. So that Google can consider your content to enter the first rank in search results.

7. Update Your Blog Content Regularly

Consistency will always bring good things to people who apply it, including in terms of blogging. Believe it or not. Based on several reviews on the SEO Expert site, it is known that Google tends to prefer blogs with a regular posting schedule.

Mulailah untuk membuat jadwal kapan anda akan memposting konten di blog anda. Pastikan untuk mengikuti jadwal yang telah anda buat dengan baik.

8. Relevant Content

Many are misguided about how to write quality content for blogs. Writing articles is not just about shooting for specific keywords but also about presenting relevant information in them.

Contohnya jika anda mengetik laptop untuk game, tentunya hal yang anda ingin cari adalah rekomendasi laptop yang bagus untuk game, bukannya tips memilih laptop untuk game. Inilah yang dinamakan relevansi konten.

Try to always provide relevant content for internet users who access your blog.

Those are some tips that you can use to write quality content for your blog. Hopefully this discussion can be useful for the progress of your blog. Happy blogging.

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How to Increase Website Page Speed To Optimize SEO

How to increase website page speed so that SEO becomes more optimal? This time we will discuss briefly and concisely about it.

The implementation of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the important things to be applied to make a website or site rank best in search engine searches. In implementing SEO itself, there are many factors that need to be considered.

One of the vital factors in implementing this SEO is the pagespeed of the website.

What is Pagespeed?

For those of you who are still not familiar with the definition of pagespeed. In simple terms, this pagespeed can be described as the amount of time or duration it takes to display content.

There are many factors that affect this pagespeed. Starting from the design of the website, the server hardware that you use to the connection from the database.

Pagespeed itself is also a reflection of the quality of website hosting. Where the more quality hosting, the faster the loading speed of the website page.

Besides being able to affect rankings in search results. Pagespeed also affects the bounce rate of your website. This is because not many internet users are patient in accessing a website.

As a result, if the website they go to takes a long time to load content, then they are more likely to leave it. That’s why pagespeed is also closely related to the bounce rate.

Pagespeed Relationship With Google

For those of you who often read about SEO, of course you have heard that Google has added pagespeed as one of the ranking parameters in search results. Google has officially announced this in 2010.

Google’s announcement seems to be an affirmation that Google can give you a better ranking if you improve your website’s page speed.

The reason for Google to do this is actually quite simple, namely to provide the best experience for users in browsing.

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How to Check the Pagespeed of a Website

Checking the pagespeed of a website is actually an easy and simple thing. There are quite a number of tools that you can use to determine the speed of your website. Some of these tools are as follows:

  • Pagespeed Insight is a Google pagespeed tool (a tool released by Google) that can analyze the speed of a website whether it meets Google standards.
  • Pingdom Website Speed Test is also a stupid page checker that you can also use to check the speed of a website. This tool also provides data that can help optimize the speed of your website.
  • In addition to the two previous tools, you can also rely on the Web Page Test tool. This tool can not only check the speed of websites on Indonesian networks, but also websites on foreign networks.

As we have mentioned. There are many tools you can use to check the speed of your website. The 3 tools we mentioned earlier are some of the most popular. But you can also consider using other tool options such as the following tools:

  • Geek Flare
  • GTMetrix
  • Web Page Analyzer
  • Chrome DevTools
  • Load Impact

How to Increase Website Page Speed

To be able to speed up the loading of your website, there are several tips that you can apply. Some of these tips are as follows:

Ensure Server Quality

First step of how to increase website page speed is ensure server quality. As we mentioned earlier, the server is one of the factors that can affect the speed of a website. For that, make sure that the server you use is of high quality, so it can accommodate a lot of visitors and load pages more optimally.

Using Content Delivery Network

If you are serving website content aimed at global visitors, it is recommended that you use a CDN (Content Delivery Network). This CDN can improve content delivery by hosting content (video and images) to multiple servers.

Reducing the Size of Photos and Videos

The large file size of the photos or videos presented on the website is another reason why the website loading speed is slow. Therefore,

try to compress the file size of your content as small as possible. In this case, you can rely on image compression tools like compress jpeg and compress PNG.

Remove Unnecessary Plugins

If you are using a website platform like WordPress, make sure that you remove unnecessary plugins and external scripts. These plugins and external scripts can affect the loading speed of your website.

Use Page Speed Checker

Always make sure that you do periodic checks of the speed of the website you are managing. In this section, it is recommended that you use page speed insights and web page tests to do this.

Both of these tools can provide reports related to issues that reduce the speed of your website.

That’s a short and solid discussion about how to increase website page speed. Hopefully this information can help to increase the speed of your website.

These ways of increasing website speed is also one of many ways of how to optimize your website such gambling website. So do these all means you are optimizing SEO of your website too.

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Know What is Adsense CTR and How to Increase It

What is Adsense CTR? Our discussion this time will explain clearly about this.

In the field of online advertisement based on PPC (Pay per Click) using Google Adsense services, understanding about CTR is very important. Many bloggers say that CTR is one of the parameters to measure the success of an ad.

If the number of CTR of an ad is high. So it shows that the interest of the ad is also high.

What is Adsense CTR?

If you have to explain in simple language, CTR (Click Through Rate) is the percentage of the number of clicks from Adsense ads. This percentage amount is obtained from the division between the number of clicks on the ad divided by the number of impressions.

As a simple example. If the adsense ad you place gets 10 clicks out of 1000 ad impressions. Then the CTR that you will get from the ad is 0.001 percent.

The Effect of CTR on Adsense Earning

If based on the previous calculation formula. So it can be said that the higher the number of RKTs, the greater the income obtained.

However, there are quite a number of SEO practitioners and Google publishers who say that the safe value of CTR is 10 percent. Why is that?

According to a number of reviews, many SEO experts think that a CTR of more than 10 percent can raise suspicions by Google that there is manipulation of ad clicks.

However, there are also SEO experts and Google publishers who disagree with this.

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How to Calculate Adsense CTR?

Some digital marketing sites say that Google knows in detail about the visitors who come to the web page and how long they spend exploring the page.

This is what makes Google able to find out the types of advertisements and visits that are manipulative and fraudulent. Although not explained, Google actually has its own calculation method for calculating ad CTR.

Abnormal ad click activity can cause the credibility of the site to decrease. If it keeps happening, it’s likely that the advertiser’s Google Adsense account will get banned from Google.

How To Increase Adsense CTR?

To be able to increase Adsense CTR or CTR yourself, you have to pay attention to several important things. Some of the important things are as follows:

1. Ad Size Selection

One of the things you need to pay attention to to increase the CTR of Google Adsense ads is related to the size of the ad. Choosing the right ad size can make a significant difference to your Adsense earnings.

Many Google publishers claim that the larger the ad size will provide better performance. When you are going to place an ad, Google will also recommend the size of the ad unit.

2. Ad Type Selection

When you place an ad on your blog, you will have 3 different ad types to choose from, namely:

  • text ads only
  • display ads only
  • text and display ads

Google actually recommends that you choose Text and Display Ads.

One of the advantages of Text and Display ads itself is in the display of the ads. Where the display of this ad is very responsive and can change.

3. Ad Color Selection

Ad color selection also has an influence on ad CTR. This may sound new to you. However, many page owners or Google Publishers are experimenting with this ad color.

This they do to overcome the condition of ads blindness. In this regard, Google itself provides guidance on ad color selection techniques. One of these efforts is to make the background and border colors of the ads the same as the blog background color.

Another option that you can also try is to use an ad background color that contrasts with the background of your blog.

4. Ad Position

Ad placement in a site also has an influence on the high and low CTR. Place the ad in the section that is often the focus of the eyes of the visitor.

In this section, you should do a little experimentation to determine which ads provide the most click potential.

5. Advertising Relevance

The last factor that also greatly affects the high and low percentage of Adsense CTR is related to relevance to blog content. To display relevant ads, Google will crawl your blog or website pages.

Through crawling, Google will get the keywords on the page and display relevant ads. But not forever, Google displays relevant ads. Sometimes Google displays ads that are not relevant to your blog or site.

For example, your blog discusses business and then the ads that appear are health ads. This will certainly make the adsense CTR percentage lower.

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Many factors cause this to happen, for example, the unavailability of ads relevant to the keywords from the page.

That’s a little explanation of what Adsense CTR is and how to increase it. Hopefully our information this time can increase the CTR or CTR of your ad. Thank you.

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Have You Know About How to Get Articles Indexed by Google? Let’s Chek the Answer

Your blog or website article is not indexed on Google?, We have a way of how to get articles indexed by Google that you can try.

Currently, there are still a lot of bloggers who don’t know how to make their blogs and sites appear on Google searches. Maybe you too are one of them.

If you are experiencing this problem. This time we will discuss in more detail about how to get articles indexed by Google quickly.

How to Get Articles Indexed by Google

Has Your Blog Been Doing Some Of The Following?

Before proceeding to how to get articles indexed by Google, let’s start by checking the blogs that you manage. Some of the things you need to check are as follows:

Connect With Google Search Console

One of the things you should check regarding your blog is whether your blog is connected to Google Search Console. The key to indexing a blog or website itself is this Google Serch Console.

If likens that your blog is a library. So this Google Search Console is the key to open the library door. So that visitors can enter and enjoy your content. Make sure that you have registered your blog with Google Search Console.

When registering a blog to the Google Serch Console, you will have to perform Google Site Verification by embedding meta tag verification into your blog’s html. This is to make it easier for Google to crawl.

Submitting a Sitemap to Google Search Console

If your blog is fully connected to Google Search Console. Also make sure whether you have submitted your blog sitemap to Google Search Console. This section is also very important in the indexing process of a blog.

If you haven’t done so, immediately send a sitemap from your blog to Google Search Console.

Do Keyword Competition Research

Not many know that doing keyword competition research is also related to Google indexing. The steps you take are very simple, namely as follows:

Install Add Ons named SEO Quake and then activate the Add Ons.
Next. You can type in the keywords you are targeting and then view the content ranked 1-10.
Count how many websites with an Alexa Rank of more than 1 million and also the search results.
If you find at least 3 websites with an Alexa Rank above 1 million and the search results for these keywords are less than 500 thousand. Then your blog articles for these keywords will be indexed quickly.

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The Number of Words in Your ArticleS

Google is currently very strict about displaying article content in its search results. Quality content is one of the things that is a requirement to be able to appear in search engine search results.

Articles with a word count of less than 300 will usually be difficult to index in Google search. For that, you should increase the number of words in the article you write.

For a minimum word count, we recommend that you at least write an article with 500-700 words. According to a number of SEO experts, this word count is ideal for blog articles.

Check the SEO Score of Your Blog

Another factor that also affects the indexing of article content is the SEO score. Make sure that your blog meets these SEO score requirements. To check this SEO score, you can directly visit the Neilpatel site,

If your blog’s SEO score is less than 80. Then you must first make improvements to some of the things that cause your blog’s SEO score to decrease.

How to Get Articles Indexed by Google

If you have checked the blog and have met all the parameters we mentioned earlier. Then you can immediately apply the following ways of how to get articles indexed by Google on Google:

  • Visit Google Search Console. Visit the Google Search Console site and then login to your Google Search Console account.
  • Look at the available columns at the top of your Google Search Console dashboard. Next enter the URL of the blog article that you previously posted.
  • Next, wait for the data retrieval process from the Google index. Usually this process takes 1-2 minutes.
  • After the results come out. If you get info that Google did not find your URL. Next, press the request indexing button and wait for the process again,
  • When you have requested indexing back. Within a few hours (maximum 24 hours), usually the URL of your article will appear in Google searches.

That’s a little summary of how to get articles indexed by Google. Hopefully our discussion this time can help those of you who are having problems indexing the content of articles on your blog. Good luck.

If you want to let us say optimize your gambling website for example, then you have to know that get you articles indexed by Google is one of your optimization process.

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Corporate Culture

Corporate culture, economic system in modern society is obviously a major contributor to society’s well being. It provides the means through which people have the ability to exchange their goods and services for the needs of the society.

The economy has indeed become its own entity in its own right.  The total economy is now unique to every society, culture and individuals motives and goals.

Corporate Culture, The Means of Getting Goods and Services

The means of getting goods and services has always been the primary purpose of society.  In order for societies to survive. It has been necessary and important to have the means of being able to give what societies are interested in buying. 

Since the advent of man different means of payment have been devised by various nations.  Ancient peoples used precious metals, stones, and even animal and feather skins ( Reserve Inventory in February 1996, Department of Natural Resources). 

Thousands of years ago ancient species traded with cavemen in exchange for tools and specialized Ferrite tensile metals (Inheritance of Man, 8-2). Current methods of payment and giving could be seen as settled by countless societies that lived throughout history.

Currently methods of interacting with goods and services can be made through both, existing and still existing cultural values. 

Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture, Influenced by Traditions

Corporate culture is like the common culture of an individual. Therefore influenced by traditions, belief and their families values, religious beliefs, and tales. Corporate culture issues exist with how to merging with a corporation into a marketing plasticity that is desired or needed. 

Lawyers have their own corporate cultures that have formed over the last 100 years.  Cheap labor, child labor, greedy, problematic corporate ethics. Unfortunately raising children this way resulted in such detrimental social issues. 

It took an entire group to fight for free consumer’s rights and this battle continues to this day.  And the act of change comes through, the law, the membership fee, a review process and more.

However, this transition did not occur overnight.  It took years of discussion by thousands of consumers and changes in laws, wages, and trade fees. Before consumers along the block were able to live their lives without sacrificing their well being.

Corporate Culture Rise by Modern Economic

The modern economy on the other hand gave rise to its own traditional and corporate culture.  It was therefore very interesting when using corporations as examples in economic system. Take for instance accumulating ones wealth.  One person accumulate their wealth by creating, buying and selling goods for their value. 

This was theninated by investors who sold their stocks.  A corporation is an organization and like an investment.  The CEO of the company takes its stock knowing that it was being invested for their security. 

The corporation’s wealth could then be sold to the consumers of the company for its wealth.  But when corporations try to change this central fact, during inflation, they would be previously vulnerable to a severe crisis. A better example of the aforementioned is when people try to have a better pass down of their money.

The organization itself though, would then have to deal with the process of reaccess of resources by the public through globalization. 

For other interesting news, you can visit the warta ekonomi site as one of the current news portals. / Dy

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SEO and its Function For Your Website and Blog

SEO? What is it? and what does it do? In this discussion, we will explain you about SEO and its function more detail.

In blogging and digital marketing, understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a must.

Knowledge and application of SEO can make a site rank higher in search engine searches. This will certainly have a good impact in terms of the number of visits and of course lead conversion (sales).

SEO and Its Function for Blog or Site

SEO and its Function For Your Website and Blog

Here is the explanation for those of you who don’t really understand about SEO and its function. SEO can be explained as an optimization technique to increase the relevant value of a web page in order to rank well in search engine searches for targeted keywords.

In simple words, SEO is a way to make your blog or site that you manage have a high ranking in search engine searches.

The most important thing of SEO and its function has been clearly mentioned in its definition. SEO has a role to help a site get a good ranking in search engine searches.

In addition to placing a site in a good ranking, SEO also serves to bring in many visitors and increase the number of sales.

The implementation of SEO is a marketing step that can save marketing costs. By implementing SEO well, then your site will get a top ranking on Google searches. This will reduce the advertising costs you spend.

Techniques on Apply SEO

In the world of blogging and digital marketing, the application of SEO does not only consist of 1 type. There are 3 different SEO techniques that are well known among SEO experts. The three are:

1. White SEO Technique

This white SEO technique is an SEO optimization technique that refers to Google’s optimization guidelines. White SEO itself is a technique that many SEO experts recommend in site optimization.

2. Blackhat SEO Technique

Another SEO technique is the Blackhat SEO technique. Blackkhat SEO itself is the opposite of White SEO techniques. This technique is an SEO technique that goes against the provisions of Google. As for some examples of the application of this technique such as doing link farming, doorway page cloaking, keywords stuffing, invisible text and iteration text.

We ourselves do not recommend you to apply this method of site optimization, because there is a high risk of getting penalized by Google.

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3. Gray Hat SEO Technique

Another SEO technique that is quite well known among SEO practitioners is Gray Hat SEO. Gray Hat SEO itself is a combination of White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO techniques.

Although it brings together 2 different SEO techniques. Similar to Black Hat SEO, Gray Hat SEO actually violates Google’s rules. Therefore, we do not recommend you to apply this technique.

Of the three SEO techniques that we described earlier, white SEO techniques are the more recommended choices. Of course the main reason, because it is safer for your site optimization.

How to Apply SEO Optimization

After discussing in detail about SEO is and its functions, let’s talk about how to apply this SEO optimization. In implementing SEO. There are 2 types of optimization that you need to do. The two are:

1. On-Page SEO

The first optimization step is SEO On Page. This self-optimization step is an attempt to optimize the pages on your site including optimize gambling website to meet good SEO criteria, so that they can be crawled easily by search engines.

The first optimization step is SEO On Page. This self-optimization step is an attempt to optimize the pages on your site to meet good SEO criteria, so that they can be crawled easily by search engines.

  • Put keywords on url and article title
  • Use keywords in the meta description of the main page and articles.
  • Fill the site with quality and relevant articles or content.
  • Create categories on the site
  • Modify URLs to be simpler
  • The application of keywords in alt images in articles or content.

2. Off-Page SEO

If on SEO On Page optimization, you should focus on content optimization. Then SEO Off Page is an optimization step that focuses on factors outside your site. In this case, Off Page SEO focuses on building quality backlinks for your site.

Backlinks are links that point to your site. Creating backlinks is very important, because it is one of the factors that affect search rankings.

The more quality backlinks pointing to your site, the greater the potential to rank in the top search engines.

That’s a brief discussion from us about what SEO is and its functions. Hopefully what we explain can be useful and add insight to those of you who read it. Thank you.

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