How to Optimize Gambling Website SEO to Reach Top Ranking on Google

Have you know about how to optimize gambling website SEO? If Through this post, we will discuss the method a bit for you. This is a bit more complicated than SEO techniques for general keywords.

This article is written for Indonesian online bookies. Especially those who are optimizing sites to rank in search engines. Regardless you may use the services of a professional SEO company or not, understanding the basics of SEO is very important.

SEO service providers, may do technical things according to the contract. And there, as a website owner, will do it with love. So, understanding the basic techniques, allows you to do SEO improvisation.

Things You Should know

How to Optimize Gambling Website

All forms of gambling, both live and online, are still prohibited in Indonesia. Many of you certainly understand this.

However, for those of you who work in the field of web developers, sometimes you have to face clients who ask to make a website with this online gambling niche.

Many companies that run a professional SEO service business refuse orders or requests for optimization of gambling sites. Due to various factors. Moreover, have to face the fact that; Optimizing the type of gambling website, it is quite difficult.

The important thing that cannot be ignored, is the fact that online gambling sites are included in the YMYL site standard. It is about a website that deals with money and the fate of people. Google wants to make sure the business concerned has a higher level of moral responsibility and trustworthiness than common types of sites.

First, fulfill what is needed to pass the YMYL quality standard. Just stepped into another.

How to Optimize Gambling Website SEO

Related to how to optimize gambling website SEO. On this occasion, we will discuss a little about how to optimize a website with this type of niche. Here’s the full review;

1. Create Pages That Respond to the Needs of Users

First step we are going to discuss about how to optimize gambling websites is create a website page that answers user’s needs.

For example, internet users want to look for casino gaming sites with small bets. Then the page that contains the content is what you should serve. For this section, you can also create a title on your home page that reflects what your website page contains.

For example, if you optimize a casino gambling site. Then you can make page titles relevant to your niche or service. For example you can create a title, like; Trusted Online Casino Gambling Site, Trusted Live Casino Gambling Site in Asia and more.

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2. Let Search Engines Access Your Site Easily

Still talking about how to optimize gambling website SEO, the next step is to ensure that search engines can access the online gambling site that you are optimizing for. In this case, the selection of scripts that you use in your website also plays an important role.

Today there are many Javascript scripts that offer a dazzling look. But unfortunately, Google doesn’t really like websites with this script.

According to some SEO experts, Google tends to prefer HTML5 scripts.

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3. Increase Click Through Rate (CTR)

Increasing the ratio value of the CTR is also a PR related to how how to optimize gambling website SEO that you have to do.

To increase the CTR itself, there are actually hundreds of ways and methods that you can use. Starting from creating clickbait titles, using numbers or visually appealing elements such as exclamation points and many others.

But in this section, you have to do a little trial and error to find the right way to increase the CTR of the gambling website you are optimizing for.

This takes time, but once you have the formula. The CTR ratio of the gambling sites you manage will increase.

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4. Increase Pagespeed (Website Loading Speed)

In ranking, Google has included pagespeed as a factor in the assessment. This has been the case since 2010.

So increasing the pagespeed of the gambling site that you optimize is another important thing that you must execute.

If the website you are optimizing has a lower pagespeed than competitor gambling sites. Then it is very likely that your website will not be able to get a higher ranking than competitors.

To be able to check or see the speed of your own website, there are many tools that you can use such as pingdom, Google Pagespeed Insight, Geek Flare, WebPage Test and many more.

Regarding the access speed of a website itself, there are several things that affect it, starting from the number of scripts you have, the size of the images on other pages.

Usually when checking website speed, the checking report will also contain issues that affect the speed of the website you are optimizing. Use this data to increase the speed of the website you are optimizing for.

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5. Write Unique and Relevant Contents

Next step on how to optimize gambling website is writing unique article. In the world of SEO, the implementation of SEO and relevant content is an inseparable pair. Regardless of the issue of gambling sites or not, Google will always prioritize sites with relevant content.

This is also the reason why Google updates its algorithm so often that it can provide relevant content in its search results.

For that, you must also pay attention to what content I will present on the gambling site.

Present interesting article content for your readers. And of course make sure that you apply SEO writing rules every time you create content, namely by inserting keywords.

To do keyword research, you can use the research tools we described earlier. You can use free or paid tools.

If you want to use a free keyword research tool, you can consider using keywordtool io, Ubersuggest or keyword shitter.

Meanwhile, if you want more complete keyword data, you can use paid keyword research tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, KWFinder and others.

In addition to the application of keywords, you also have to pay attention to the number of words you use in your content. Make sure that the content of the article you create contains at least 300 words or more. This is the standard of SEO content writing to date.

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6. Write Relevant Contents

Despite knowing the importance of relevant content for gambling sites. Maybe some of you still don’t understand about this. The relevant content here is the content that internet users are looking for.

To find this out, you can do keyword research, especially using a keyword research tool. After you get the keywords that have the potential to bring in traffic, then create article content using these keywords.

Generally, the content presented is in the form of tips, advantages and copywriting articles about the online gambling services offered.

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7. Implementate Outbound Links

In implementing SEO for any type of website, linking quality outbound links is very important. This will affect the way Google views the website you are optimizing for.

Quality outbound links are outbound links that lead to high-pagerank sites. In this case, you can choose general sites as your target such as wikipedia, wikihow, Investopedia and even Youtube.

Link quality outbound links for each article content that you produce. Of course the text where the outbound link is linked must be relevant. For example, you want to create an outbound link for the word Singapore, then you can link a wikipedia link related to Singapore for that word.

8. Implementate Inbound Links

Not only outbound links. The application of inbound links is also one of the parameters that Google considers. The application of Inbound links in SEO itself plays an important role in reducing the bounce rate of the website. This is why implementing inbound links is also important if you want to know how to optimize gambling website.

To explain a little, the bounce rate itself is a percentage ratio that shows the number of website visitors who immediately leave the related website, after only opening one page.

According to many SEO experts, this bounce rate can occur due to lack of quality content or poor navigation on the page. Inbound links play a role in keeping visitors from leaving the website immediately after exploring one piece of content.

Simply put, Inbound links are recommendations for reading or other content on your website. Of course the inbound links you include must be related to the previous content.

For example, you present content in a blog SEO way. You can recommend related content such as how to write SEO articles or build backlinks.

9. Optimize the Images You Use

The supporting images that you use on your website should also be another part that you optimize. Images with low resolution are a sign that a site is fake or of poor quality.

But on the other hand, an image file size that is too large can reduce the loading speed of a page. For this problem, you can take image compression as a solution. Compress the image you are using before uploading it. So that the image file size is not too large.

10. Build Backlinks For Your Gambling Website

For gambling websites, you will need lots of backlinks to be able to optimize them. This is quite reasonable, considering that the competition for the gambling site itself is quite high.

The problem is, not all sites are willing and brave to provide backlinks to online gambling sites. This happens due to various factors.

In this section, you can build backlinks using PBN (Private Blog Network) services. This PBN is basically the same as a blog, but its purpose is more to be a source of backlinks to the main website, in this case a gambling website.

In addition to using PBN, usually gambling site developers also use other blogging platforms such as bloggers and also a medium to build backlinks to gambling websites.

But unfortunately, some free blogging platforms like Medium and others limit negatively charged content like gambling. If you use the medium, you certainly know the new policy of the medium, namely the content will go through an investigation process by the medium before it can be published.

Simply put, PBN may be the only solution to build backlinks to the gambling website that you currently have.

Another solution, you might reach out to outside websites. Where the gambling niche is not a ban. Outside, there are many countries that legalize gambling. That means, there are many websites out there ready to sell backlinks for your site.

As a recommendation from us, there are several free backlink sources that can be used. Visit the following 2 backlink source pages: Link 1 – Link 2.

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11. Use Social Media Share

Google’s current algorithm update causes social media shares to no longer be a determining factor in search rankings. But this does not mean that social media share is not important.

Social media share remains one of the elements that is taken into account and has an indirect impact on the ranking of the gambling website that you optimize.

Doing social media sharing can provide several benefits for your online gambling site. Some of these benefits are:

Additional visits from social media
Strengthen branding
Increase the satisfaction factor

12. Focus on Your KPIs

The last point related to how to optimize gambling website SEO is about KPIs. For those of you who have just heard this term, KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is a measuring tool that describes the achievement of the goals of an effort. The effort in question in this case is SEO optimization for gambling sites.

Each step in optimization is something that should be clear. Therefore, make KPIs related to the optimization you are doing. This KPI can be in the form of a table containing revenue progress, number of sign ups, amount of traffic, ranking and SEO Enhancement.

Why is Gambling Website SEO Optimization Looks Difficult?

As previously mentioned, optimizing this gambling website is very difficult. This has been mentioned before, which is due to the high competition for this type of niche and keywords.

If you do a little research, you will find a lot of gambling sites scattered on the internet and you have to beat them all to occupy the first place.

The problem is not only in the high number of competition from this type of niche. But the rule of law and the belief system that exists in Indonesia itself.

The gambling industry, especially in Indonesia, is banned by the government. This makes it difficult for SEO experts in many ways. In particular, as mentioned above, about the difficulty of building a backlink building strategy.

You will hit a dead end to get quality backlinks from high authority sites. Some bloggers even believe in myths that the gambling niche is against Google’s rules. Despite the fact, Google ranks for the gambling niche.

Another problem, is the consequence when gambling sites start appearing on search engine pages. It will be seen by law enforcement, where the site is potentially blocked by the government.

That means, you have to optimize from Zero. Although you can just do a 301 redirect system to a new domain.

In this case, you might think about using website advertising services from several sites, such as movie streaming sites. But believe me that this will not be effective and only provide less quality backlinks.

Optimizing the SEO of Gambling Websites Takes a Long Time

Dealing with the difficulties of implementing gambling website SEO. So it takes quite a long time to be able to optimize the visibility of gambling sites in search engines.

In addition, SEO experts who optimize must also implement SEO very smoothly so as not to offend government rules and end up being blocked.


From the many discussions above. There are several important points about how to optimize gambling website SEO. To be clear, here are some of the points:

  • Create web pages that answer the needs of the user
  • Creating a website that can be accessed by search engines
  • Increase Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Increase page load speed (pagespeed)
  • Writing relevant content for gambling websites
  • Implementation of quality outbound links to high pagerank sites such as wikipedia, Youtube, Wikihow and others.
  • Implementing inbound links to reduce the bounce rate on the website.
  • Compressing supporting images that will be used on the website before uploading them.
  • Social media sharing is also important. Not only to help improve rankings in Google search results, but also to improve the branding of the site.
  • Build lots of quality backlinks
  • Creating KPIs to measure the progress of SEO implementation

That’s a glimpse of information about how to optimize gambling website SEO. Hopefully this information can add to your insight in terms of implementing SEO. Thank you.

Try This Way To Win Faster In Playing RajaPoker

Try This Way To Win Faster In Playing RajaPoker – online gambling games cannot be separated from the daily life of the players. One of the main reasons lies in how to play it which is unique and different from other gambling games. How to play Rajapoker is almost similar to the dominoqq game which cannot be played only by relying on luck.

For a unique way of playing, there are several ways you can do to get a win playing the king of texas hold’em gambling online. The luck factor doesn’t affect your chances of winning in this one game. This is evident from the number of new players who flock to online Texas hold ’em agent sites to play every day. Many reasons make the popularity and online pokercc casino gambling games continue to increase until now.

Now many online gambling games can be played online. One of them is online pokercc gambling. Where this game system is very well received by the players because it is considered safer and more profitable.

Try This Way To Win Faster In Playing RajaPoker

With the presence of an online game system, now card gambling games such as rajapoker, online poker cc, and dominoqq are becoming popular as new enthusiasts and players increase. In online poker cc gambling games, the chances of getting a win will be largely determined by your ability and self-control while playing. Many other anti-mainstream ways need to be considered to get a better chance of winning in gambling. Among the exits are:

In other words, you have to use more than 1 bank account to be able to do this. In this case, you can play using account A for today.

Switch Accounts

This method does sound a bit unreasonable, because it’s also an anti-mainstream way, as the name implies. To run this method, you need to set up multiple accounts. However, good cards play a role in opening up greater opportunities to win because they are easier to play. Therefore, many players use this method to get good cards while playing.

If you meet the player, then you sit near him, if you can sit in his position. Because the position is very influential on the results of the game you follow. That’s the primary way of online casino poker cc gambling to be able to win more easily and quickly. If you can apply this method well, then your chances of winning will be even greater.

Sit On The Lucky Seat

To do this, you need to pay attention to players who often get wins. Each table has at least 1 to 2 players who dominate the game. Now many online gambling games can be played online. Where this game system is very well received by the players because it is considered safer and more profitable.

Switch Tables

In general, this method is done by players who don’t get good cards at the table while playing. In this game of king of texas hold’em, good cards can’t guarantee you win 100%. In other words, you have to use more than 1 bank account to be able to do this. In this case, you can play using account A for today. Then use account B to play the next day and so on. /Aha

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Tips for Playing Poker at IDN Poker

IDN Poker is famous for various card games. One of the most exciting online card games for bettors to play is poker. Poker is a modification of the famous game called poker. Poker requires accuracy and foresight from the bettor. Curious about the various tips you need?

We will discuss all tips for playing poker at IDN Poker. Make sure you join the IDN Poker online gambling site before playing online poker gambling.

Arrange Cards Before Playing poker IDN Poker

After knowing all that, then now you must develop a strategy to play online poker gambling. In online poker gambling games, players must prepare cards first. This is because the poker gambling game will be very confusing if you don’t arrange 13 cards before playing.

So take the time to sort and group your cards. All 13 cards obtained must be able to form a combination, for example a pair, or straight, flush, full house, four of a kind and others. Group the cards and set the cards aside. When you have set aside the card, you can remove the card later without wasting time.

Take advantage of the best bonuses and services when playing at IDN Poker

No need to be hard to find services and poker gambling games. Now, you can receive all the advantages when playing at IDN Poker. In playing poker gambling, of course you will all be flooded with lots of bonus bonuses. Coupled with customer service or customer service 24 hours.

You don’t need to worry, because the game will definitely be smooth and can be enjoyed by anyone. IDN Poker can also be played anywhere and anytime. With one of the best features that is cross platform, everyone can play on any device. Register yourself now to start playing online poker gambling. IDN Poker will be waiting for your presence on our site.

Making the Best Combinations in poker

Poker IDN Poker relies heavily on good card sequences. The better the order of your cards means that you have a many times greater chance. But this opportunity is getting smaller if you can’t arrange cards well. First of all, we advise you to make a card arrangement and understand it first.

The order and rank of the smallest cards starts with singles. Then this level continues to increase until there is a pair, three of a kind, four of a kind, full house, and others. The higher this card, means that you can start placing bets with higher numbers.

You can also bet aggressively if you are sure about the composition of the cards. If it’s only stuck in things like pairs and singles, then don’t place big bets. But just play it safe. After arranging the cards and making the best combinations, remove the cards at the best moments.

Using Cards at the Right Moment

The card must be issued when you are given the option to do so. Do not remove the card if it is not yet time. The right time and indicates the right time is when you have the opportunity. This opportunity could be the opponent issuing 5 cards that can be defeated with a combination of 5 other cards. That’s a guide to playing poker from IDN Poker. /Aha

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Indonesia’s Best and most Trusted Online Poker Gambling Agent

Indonesia’s best and most trusted online poker gambling agent. Those of you who love to play poker will of course love this news. That now has a trusted judi online poker agent ready to place players to play with. This is because it is playing over an internet connection.

As long as you are connected to the internet, you can continue to play poker. This is one of the advantages of playing online poker that you can take advantage of right now. In terms of the perks, it turns out that there are other perks that you can get later when you switch to online poker.

Here are some benefits to save time

Indonesia's Best and most Trusted Online Poker Gambling Agent - iStock

The most common experience of poker players is that they have to go to the casino first, where they have to prepare and also take the loot, which takes more time before playing.

With online poker you can now easily access your home computer and internet network. Of course, if you later need a computer and access an online poker agent it will only take around 5-10 minutes.

The best online poker gambling agent offers a 24 hour service

The best online poker agent services are available 24 hours a day. Stay tuned, you can play this game anytime you want. This is different than playing at a casino where you have to go home for a while to rest.

Also, you can only play if you can visit the casino. When you play online poker, you can play later whenever you have free time, whether you can only play for an hour or half an hour.

Can play with players from all over the world

In this online poker game, you can meet many players from all over the world who have managed to put the internet together to connect players from all over the world at the agency.

Likewise with online poker gambling, which also uses the Internet. This way you can meet people from different countries later in this online poker game.

Guaranteed security

This online poker game allows you to play from home later. Of course it would be safer. Because there is no safer place than your own home. So when you play poker online you can play safely without any threats.

That’s all from the article on the best and most trusted online poker gambling agent that hopefully helps all online gamblers. / Dy

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Earn a Second Income with IDN Poker Online

Earn a second income with IDN Poker online. Nowadays it is difficult to find work and many people are looking for ways to make more money. Most families who are unable to make a living in their main occupation have part-time jobs. Poker can provide you with a second source of income, even if it seems unlikely.

Yes, it is possible to play online poker for extra income. There are a couple of things that you should know. First, I wouldn’t recommend anyone investing a lot of money in poker as a part-time job, especially if they’re just starting out. There are a lot of people who make a lot of money playing poker and some even have a second income.

Many people will not be so lucky and many will lose their money. You should also consider your willingness to learn the game and your ability to invest. If you stick to a simple concept and invest in your game, you may be able to win more often and make extra money playing poker online.

Bankroll management is the most important aspect of winning poker. There are many great articles out there on managing your poker bankroll. However, there are many opinions on how best to maintain a decent bankroll.

It is important that you have your money management system in place. That you have the discipline and patience to do it well. Discuss recent articles with poker players and find out what they have to say. This guide can be used as a guide if you cannot find the information you need.

For cash games, you need to have 25-30 buy-ins in order to play the limit you want. If you have $ 500 to play poker, you can comfortably play at the $ 10 buy-in level. You can then move up to NL $ 25 once you hit $ 750. While you won’t make a lot of money from these levels, you can make decent money playing at the $ 25 NL level. But you have to start somewhere.

Earn a Second Income with IDN Poker Online

Play IDN Poker Online in Tournament

You have to decide when to play the next level once you hit around 25-30. If a raise doesn’t go according to plan, it is very important to the health of your bankroll that it go back up. It is not uncommon to switch levels more than once before becoming a regular player in a new level.

Some prefer to play in tournaments rather than cash games. For this reason, it is important to research bankroll management for tournaments. This is different from cash games. Cash games are a better option if you want a steady income. This allows you to play a low variance style that most people will agree is aggressive. You can also get rakeback or clear bonuses. This is an important aspect of playing cash poker.

Poker rakeback allows you to have a steady flow of money on your bankroll even during a bad run. Rakeback is a method where at the end of each month you are refunded a percentage of the rake you paid. You should research the company before signing up for a new account. Most of the time, they offer rakeback through third parties. It is much harder to get rakeback when you already have an account. Trust me, you will be surprised how much the numbers add up.

Track your progress. This is more than just keeping track of how much money is left after playing poker. There are many poker tracking tools out there, and each has its own set of advantages. You can try many of these out before you buy them. Visit Situs IDN Poker. / Dy

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Information for members must be interesting to interested members. We dare not convey the message of some important tips or information on how to win at gambling. Because we don’t know what’s going to happen and which cards will be dealt when playing with other members. Of course, cards that are dealt randomly are not easy to predict.

Instead of providing members with inaccurate or unclear information that could be considered incorrect information. We prefer to discuss what happens every day in this online poker game of chance that is played by the Indonesians. Because the information that we convey can also be useful for other members in the future and help a little.

Information for Members Need to Know

The first piece of information members need to know is whether the member wants to play and deposit funds. It would be nice if members could confirm or ask about the 24 hour live chat service with customer service in advance. Why should it be like that? Members can also find out the status of the bank online, normal or offline, as well as malfunctions.


In this way, the transferred funds can be checked directly and processed as quickly as possible. If you want to transfer funds, make sure the destination account number is listed in the “Deposit Funds” menu. Since you can suddenly change your account, if you already have the balance and it turns out that the account has changed a few days ago, the balance is considered to have expired.

If you want to deposit please confirm first. Many members may be wondering about registration. There are members who ask if their account can be used to register on other poker sites? Of course, you can use the member’s account number to register for other websites.

But for situs judi online 1 account. So member accounts can only be registered for 1 account on the site, or 1 account cannot consist of two or more accounts. Make sure you fill in the information correctly and correctly, and include a good table name or username so you won’t regret it if the name is bad. Because there are no items or elements to change the username or table name of the account.

The account can be used to register other poker sites. In addition, when we play we need capital, skill or strategy if we want to win or avoid large losses. Members certainly want to compete and beat their opponents to make a lot of money easily and quickly.

Transferred Funds or Deposits

Members should now be aware that the strategy of playing in gangs is currently prohibited on Poker V’s online poker gambling site. Members who violate the game will also have their account blacklisted and some of the funds on their account will be confiscated or withdrawn. Do many members disagree? that is the rule. So it is better to play with pure, patient and mutual luck.

Gang play strategy was banned. In the case of deposit activities, of course, members who normally play actively or had problems with their fund processing. Which was delayed because the bank had a sudden disruption. Where we were forced to postpone until the bank is back to normal and we will review and work on it when the bank is back to normal.

There are poker members who ask to transfer their money to another account. This request from this member is impossible. We can’t do that. It is different if the member wants to deposit again at a normal bank or online. The funds of members who have already deposited with the bank of the disruption remain safe.

Transferring Transferred Funds. The transfer of the deposit mentioned here consists of first deleting the pending deposit form for member funds. Later we will then request or transmit the member’s deposit to another bank, using 3 unique denominations and filling in the form with the correct bank address.

When the transferred funds or deposits have just been successful. Members can fill out the deposit form again to claim the first funds transferred. Of course, if it’s normal, customer service can still process the funds. So members don’t have to worry about funds forfeiting. However, if a member asks to postpone the transfer earlier, we cannot help such a member. / Dy

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Good Casino Craps Systems

Good Casino Craps Systems – Casino craps is a game of chance but it is a fun game. If you win, you can earn as much as casino bonuses. If you feel that the game is all about chance, you can still learn the game. You can apply odds strategies and get them. However, you have to discover how the game is played. There are different betting systems in the game. If you are able to make the right decisions, you can earn as much as bonuses with the game.

When you play the craps game, you can get the site of the dice. Craps table is elevated above the on looker. The game is accompanied by the sounds that issue out with each roll. The craps game is based on the outcome of one roll or the outcome of a series of rolls.

There are amount of bets that can be made in the game online. The bets can be made by each shooter or you can decide to let the shooter choose the target of the game. In the craps game, players can make bets about the dice rolls, the game, the Fey, the danger, and can also bet on the outcome of the roll.

Bets can be placed in the betting area on the table. The craps game can be played with one, two, four, eight, or ten pieces. This pieces assigned to be the dice in the game is done through the setups. The layout is the term used in the game to refer to the arrangement of the table based on the type of bets that can be placed.

Usually considered to be the most exciting part of the game, the players usually enjoy the game going when they are carrying forward their bets. The players are called to roll the dice. The game is played with a pair of dice. Players are allowed to use both dice in rolling the dice. The table consists of the east and west sides.

Good Casino Craps Systems

Good Casino Craps Systems and Different Things

Craps game means different things to different people. These terms are applicable to the bets that can be made pre-roll, during the come out roll, and also on the pass line bet. For the pass line bet, the player is betting on the outcome of the dice roll. There are different types of passes line bets. The straight is the most common. This bet means that the roll must be a total of six. If the dice roll a 2, 3, or 12 this is known as a come out roll. If the roll is made before a 7 then it is called the pass line bet.

Usually, the two most common types of bets for the craps game are the come and don’t come bets. Come bets are the most straightforward. You are betting on the outcome of the dice roll coming either a 7 or 11. The don’t come bet is the opposite. This bet means you are betting on the outcome of the dice roll NOT coming either a 7 or 11. Basically, the don’t come bet is placed 7 times. So, if the dice roll a 7 and a 2 on the come out roll, then it means the dice did a total of 6 points, or 7 in total, and therefore a 7-out. If the dice roll a 2, 3, or 12, then it means the dice did a total of 6 points, or 7, and therefore a 2-out.

There are 6 come and don’t come bets available for each of the rolls. So, on the come out roll, there is a 2 and a 12, or a 3 and an 11, or a 12 and a 3. And, on the don’t come bet, you are betting on either the outcome of the dice roll not coming either a 7 or 11, or a 2 or 3. So, you can bet the don’t come bet as a 1 to 6, or a 6 to 1, or a 3-to-1.

Craps strategy will tell you that the best chances for your bet are those that have the lowest number. So, with a $5 don’t come bet, the best chances are for a 6 or 8, or a point number. As craps strategy says, the lower the numbers, the better. But, in craps it is a little more complicated. Some casinos allow 2, 3 and 12 rolls consecutively. Casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Foxwoods also allow this.

For more other interesting games, please visit the online Bandarqq site on the related link as your reference in playing. / Dy

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Features of a Trustworthy and High-quality PKV Games Agent

Features of a trustworthy and high-quality PKV games agent. PKV games a fun card game online and fun in the game. Unsurprisingly, this game of chance still has a lot of fans. Because in addition to simple games. The profits that can be earned with this game of chance are very promising in large quantities.

Of course, since card games are so popular. There are now many gambling sites that players can choose from to play online. So easy for everyone if you want to play this game. Players only need to identify and select the location of the existing match officials.

However, it is best to choose a reliable online gambling agent and high quality website. Because by participating in the pkv game. A trusted agent can always provide a guarantee of the needs of its members.

The number of trusted pkv game agent sites certainly provide convenience for game fans these days. Because, of course, with the presence of many gaming agents. It offers plenty of opportunities for the players to join one of them.

Features of a Trustworthy and High-quality PKV Games Agent

But finding a reliable Agent pkv games site is not easy. As all sites have game officials and the quality is good. Therefore, every gamer must recognize all the quality characteristics of a trustworthy agent. And also determine how to find a trustworthy online gaming site.

Know some of the characteristics of a trustworthy and high quality PKV gaming agent

Regarding some of the characteristics of reliability and quality dealers that are necessary for us to know. That it is bad to choose the bookmakers that we want to play. Here are some characteristics, namely:

  • Lots of active members

It needs to have a lot of members with reliable and qualified staff from the website. As every gamer who has received the gaming website’s benefits feels and feels for themselves.

With so many members of the Bandarq game. Of course, some players and fans of this game. And others will be interested in joining because of the large number of members. In addition, all members who also join are always active in Paris or play PKV games in it.

  • Easy to find

Another feature of the best online gaming agents and trusted pkv games sites is easy to find. In fact, the best and most reliable online gambling agents. As the site agent usually always have a lot of recommendations. And notes from several reliable parties. Then players will at least find gaming sites more reliably. As sites officers normally trust always appear at the top of Internet search results.

  • Have the best service

Another characteristic of a reliable online gaming agency is having the best transportation sites. The presence of the best and most reliable service providers on the agent game site. It is undoubtedly very useful for all the benefits to a member.

With the services of the best operators, every gamer has to deal with difficulties in running the game. For example, if a member knows or has a game problem while pkv agent wants to play. They can contact the CS service via the live chat function.

Then players can directly ask about obstacles or problems in the live chat. In the future, operator services that provide the best solution for users. Can always run pkv games without any problems. / Dy

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Texas Hold Em Poker Hands Rankings

Texas Hold Em Poker Hands Rankings. In the game of Texas Hold Em Poker, the hand rankings are quite important to know and learn. If you are a poker player then you must be familiar with these rankings and understand them very well. Let’s study the different Texas Hold Em Poker hand rankings now.

Royal FlushA Royal flush is technically a form of the highest card flush. It is also called the unbeatable hand. This hand consists of 10, J, Q, K, A of the same suit. This is the best possible hand in hold em poker.

You would have to have all the 10s, Js, Qs, Ks and A in the same suit in order to have a Royal Flush. If you only have a few of the cards in that suit you can still have a Royal Flush. Theourcing of this hand is from theatically named the “Straight Flush”.

Texas Hold Em Poker, Four of a kind hands

You can also have Four of a KindA Four of a Kind hand is when you have four cards of the same rank. The fifth card that is dealt in this hand is the kicker.

Texas Hold Em Poker Hands Rankings

Four of a kind hands are stronger then a full house hands. For example, four tens, four aces, or four kings would all be sets. If you had four all of the same, you would have a set. These hands are a lot easier to obtain than two pair.

A Full HouseA Full house hand is when you have three cards of the same rank. The next two cards are the kicker and the fourth card is the apoker of the same rank.

Like three of kind, full house hands are much easier to obtain than four of a kind. They are also a lot easier to bluff than sets. StraightA Straight hand is when the first card is of the same rank as the highest card in the next hand.

In this hand the higher ranking card is needed to complete the set. If you wonder what card to use for a straight, the card with the highest card is better.


The money that you will use to bet is a big factor in you winning over the long term. You will need a bankroll that you can afford to lose. A bankroll is basically money that you have set aside that will be used for betting.

In order to be profitable you need a lot of self control. There are no guaranteed systems that work. If there was perfect betting software available nobody would have any money and the internet would be a library. However, there are betting strategies that work. They are studies that have been done on the subject and you can use them.

There are systems for a multitude of different games. If you play cards you will already have a few systems. If you play Keno you may have a few spots working for you already. The one thing you can count on is that when you start to win you will keep on winning. When you start to lose you will keep on losing.

The only way to win long term is to bet big when you have a big hand, and be able to afford to do so. The only way to lose big is to bet small, and have a hand that is easily beaten. You can do this if you have an internet connection. Betting big when you have a big hand is a way to win big.

To win long term you need to be betting big when you have a big hand. Many people will bet little and then bet big when they have a big hand. This is a sure way to lose your money. When you bet little you are missing out on a lot of profit.

How to play the cards properly

Many people will sit and watch others play cards or other games on the internet and assume that they do not play correctly. This is not the case. Watch some games online and you will see that the players are playing the cards correctly. They are taking the time to learn how to play the cards properly instead of just jumping in and losing all your money in one go.

Another sure way to lose your money is to jump in and out of games when you are not fully ready. You must be working on learning the skills of the game you are playing. Do not jump in and play games that you are not familiar with. Always take the time to learn the game you are playing, so that you are ready when you do play a real game of poker.

Play pkvgames online where you are not fully risking your money. You must think of the money as nothing more than chips that you earn by playing. Sure, you want to win money, but there is no rush to jump into a game where you are not fully prepared. If you think you are going to lose, you are not ready to lose money.

Remained calm; task and a goal were established. You have completed your task and you should walk away. / Dy

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How to Play Poker

How to play poker? Many people ask this question and others probably think that there is a formula to winning poker playing. Maybe there is a poker playing formula written on the back of a white envelope somewhere. But as most of us know that’s not going to happen. Face it, you’re not going to get Reading and Analyzing charts about how to play.

You’re not going to get a set of instructions that tell you exactly how to play each hand. Most likely you’ll have to be extremely lucky to win a serious amount of money at the game. But, here are some tips that many years of poker experience can help you. To make a more mental calculations in your head.

How to Play Poker, Many Different Strategies

These are not taken out of some obscure poker literature. They are taken from the top poker players in the world. These individuals who have won millions of dollars playing poker also write about the game, often in their books. If you want to know how to play poker. Then you need to know what these top poker players are doing.

It just comes down to basic math. In fact, some of the most famous poker players in the world have dedicated their entire careers to studying poker. In order to gain the edge over other players who don’t.

There are many different strategies used by poker players to gain an advantage. Some of the most popular strategies are the Big Bet, the Buckskin, the Paroli, the Ostrich, and the Ace deterrent. What exactly are these strategies? The Paroli involves betting irregularities such as a very large bet on a hand when you have the winning hand.

The Ostrich involves betting all of your hands so that you lose count of your potential earnings. Lastly, the Ace deterrent is when you bet the maximum dollar in order to decrease your potential earnings.

How to Play Poker

No Defined Limit to Bet

There is no defined limit to how much you can bet, but the limit of the maximum bet. Generally the one that will cause the most stress to you as a poker player. Many times you will have to make very large bets on river. To make up for the amount of you bet before the flop, turn, and river.

The reason that many poker players give for their large bets. That the more you bet the more you have the chance of a win. But, the larger you bet, the more you have to pay to see if you won. The problem is that you can lose the amount that you bet all at once. Or lose in many instances than you can win.

If you’re a poker player and you’re looking for statistics on your next move. You might want to take a look at the statistics of poker players and their betting patterns. Most poker player’s main goal when they’re playing poker is to win money. Most of them don’t even care if they win or lose the game.

Poker is best Entertaining

They’re out to have fun and win some money. When you’re playing at your best you’re entertaining, your make money, and you make the most money as you can. But, if you’re not fully focused on your poker and trying to maximize your poker advantage. You’re going to lose money.

Watch a poker group and you’ll meet people who are winning, and even at their age. You will find poker players who are successful. They’re all very intelligent and have a lot of common qualities. Such as keeping their minds on the game and paying attention to details.

If you’re trying to make your poker deposit bonus withdraw faster. You’ll notice that most people who are making these deposit bonuses are serious poker players. Who are committed to winning money and fun.

So, go have fun banking your poker deposit bonus with full confidence. That the poker group is there to help you maximize your poker advantage by turning small bets into high ones. Please visit for more game to play. / Dy

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Steps to get the Best Online Gambling Sites

Steps to Get the Best Online Gambling Sites – Of course, the increasing number of online gambling sites today need to be searched accurately. Because if members really find the best side, you naturally enjoy the opportunity to continue on the path to success throughout the game.

Therefore, in order to find the best sites, every gambling member has to do a step-by-step search and often ask more experienced gamblers for the addresses of the best sites. This minimizes the chances of being fooled by fake websites currently circulating while performing a search.

Some Steps to get the Best Online Gambling Sites

Steps to get the Best Online Gambling Sites

As a proper method to use in finding the best websites, here are some suggestions to use in your search.

Regular visits to the Internet

Indeed, currently the internet is the easiest way to search. Including the desire of every member to find a trusted gambling site with the best quality.

Please note down the best site keywords each time you visit the Internet. And then each member will be suggested various names of sites that offer the best quality assurance. And to choose a website that guarantees profit, please look for the best services and facilities available to you. This guarantee, of course, makes the game even more exciting.

Ask experienced players

Of course, to get the best site address, gambling can benefit from colleagues who both work in the world of online gambling. Please ask questions or suggestions regarding the site names to choose from. Or members can go directly to well-known gambling forums.

In forums, professional gamblers usually share the addresses of trusted websites with other members. Of course, choosing some of these recommended sites will make finding the best site addresses easier.

Those are some steps that every member can take to get the best situs judi online they want. Please try to do a search by comparing some of the names of websites you have visited. Have fun playing and enjoy the game with the best side of your choice. / Dy

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