How to Optimize Gambling Website SEO to Reach Top Ranking on Google

Have you know about how to optimize gambling website SEO? If Through this post, we will discuss the method a bit for you. This is a bit more complicated than SEO techniques for general keywords.

This article is written for Indonesian online bookies. Especially those who are optimizing sites to rank in search engines. Regardless you may use the services of a professional SEO company or not, understanding the basics of SEO is very important.

SEO service providers, may do technical things according to the contract. And there, as a website owner, will do it with love. So, understanding the basic techniques, allows you to do SEO improvisation.

Things You Should know

How to Optimize Gambling Website

All forms of gambling, both live and online, are still prohibited in Indonesia. Many of you certainly understand this.

However, for those of you who work in the field of web developers, sometimes you have to face clients who ask to make a website with this online gambling niche.

Many companies that run a professional SEO service business refuse orders or requests for optimization of gambling sites. Due to various factors. Moreover, have to face the fact that; Optimizing the type of gambling website, it is quite difficult.

The important thing that cannot be ignored, is the fact that online gambling sites are included in the YMYL site standard. It is about a website that deals with money and the fate of people. Google wants to make sure the business concerned has a higher level of moral responsibility and trustworthiness than common types of sites.

First, fulfill what is needed to pass the YMYL quality standard. Just stepped into another.

How to Optimize Gambling Website SEO

Related to how to optimize gambling website SEO. On this occasion, we will discuss a little about how to optimize a website with this type of niche. Here’s the full review;

1. Create Pages That Respond to the Needs of Users

First step we are going to discuss about how to optimize gambling websites is create a website page that answers user’s needs.

For example, internet users want to look for casino gaming sites with small bets. Then the page that contains the content is what you should serve. For this section, you can also create a title on your home page that reflects what your website page contains.

For example, if you optimize a casino gambling site. Then you can make page titles relevant to your niche or service. For example you can create a title, like; Trusted Online Casino Gambling Site, Trusted Live Casino Gambling Site in Asia and more.

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2. Let Search Engines Access Your Site Easily

Still talking about how to optimize gambling website SEO, the next step is to ensure that search engines can access the online gambling site that you are optimizing for. In this case, the selection of scripts that you use in your website also plays an important role.

Today there are many Javascript scripts that offer a dazzling look. But unfortunately, Google doesn’t really like websites with this script.

According to some SEO experts, Google tends to prefer HTML5 scripts.

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3. Increase Click Through Rate (CTR)

Increasing the ratio value of the CTR is also a PR related to how how to optimize gambling website SEO that you have to do.

To increase the CTR itself, there are actually hundreds of ways and methods that you can use. Starting from creating clickbait titles, using numbers or visually appealing elements such as exclamation points and many others.

But in this section, you have to do a little trial and error to find the right way to increase the CTR of the gambling website you are optimizing for.

This takes time, but once you have the formula. The CTR ratio of the gambling sites you manage will increase.

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4. Increase Pagespeed (Website Loading Speed)

In ranking, Google has included pagespeed as a factor in the assessment. This has been the case since 2010.

So increasing the pagespeed of the gambling site that you optimize is another important thing that you must execute.

If the website you are optimizing has a lower pagespeed than competitor gambling sites. Then it is very likely that your website will not be able to get a higher ranking than competitors.

To be able to check or see the speed of your own website, there are many tools that you can use such as pingdom, Google Pagespeed Insight, Geek Flare, WebPage Test and many more.

Regarding the access speed of a website itself, there are several things that affect it, starting from the number of scripts you have, the size of the images on other pages.

Usually when checking website speed, the checking report will also contain issues that affect the speed of the website you are optimizing. Use this data to increase the speed of the website you are optimizing for.

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5. Write Unique and Relevant Contents

Next step on how to optimize gambling website is writing unique article. In the world of SEO, the implementation of SEO and relevant content is an inseparable pair. Regardless of the issue of gambling sites or not, Google will always prioritize sites with relevant content.

This is also the reason why Google updates its algorithm so often that it can provide relevant content in its search results.

For that, you must also pay attention to what content I will present on the gambling site.

Present interesting article content for your readers. And of course make sure that you apply SEO writing rules every time you create content, namely by inserting keywords.

To do keyword research, you can use the research tools we described earlier. You can use free or paid tools.

If you want to use a free keyword research tool, you can consider using keywordtool io, Ubersuggest or keyword shitter.

Meanwhile, if you want more complete keyword data, you can use paid keyword research tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, KWFinder and others.

In addition to the application of keywords, you also have to pay attention to the number of words you use in your content. Make sure that the content of the article you create contains at least 300 words or more. This is the standard of SEO content writing to date.

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6. Write Relevant Contents

Despite knowing the importance of relevant content for gambling sites. Maybe some of you still don’t understand about this. The relevant content here is the content that internet users are looking for.

To find this out, you can do keyword research, especially using a keyword research tool. After you get the keywords that have the potential to bring in traffic, then create article content using these keywords.

Generally, the content presented is in the form of tips, advantages and copywriting articles about the online gambling services offered.

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7. Implementate Outbound Links

In implementing SEO for any type of website, linking quality outbound links is very important. This will affect the way Google views the website you are optimizing for.

Quality outbound links are outbound links that lead to high-pagerank sites. In this case, you can choose general sites as your target such as wikipedia, wikihow, Investopedia and even Youtube.

Link quality outbound links for each article content that you produce. Of course the text where the outbound link is linked must be relevant. For example, you want to create an outbound link for the word Singapore, then you can link a wikipedia link related to Singapore for that word.

8. Implementate Inbound Links

Not only outbound links. The application of inbound links is also one of the parameters that Google considers. The application of Inbound links in SEO itself plays an important role in reducing the bounce rate of the website. This is why implementing inbound links is also important if you want to know how to optimize gambling website.

To explain a little, the bounce rate itself is a percentage ratio that shows the number of website visitors who immediately leave the related website, after only opening one page.

According to many SEO experts, this bounce rate can occur due to lack of quality content or poor navigation on the page. Inbound links play a role in keeping visitors from leaving the website immediately after exploring one piece of content.

Simply put, Inbound links are recommendations for reading or other content on your website. Of course the inbound links you include must be related to the previous content.

For example, you present content in a blog SEO way. You can recommend related content such as how to write SEO articles or build backlinks.

9. Optimize the Images You Use

The supporting images that you use on your website should also be another part that you optimize. Images with low resolution are a sign that a site is fake or of poor quality.

But on the other hand, an image file size that is too large can reduce the loading speed of a page. For this problem, you can take image compression as a solution. Compress the image you are using before uploading it. So that the image file size is not too large.

10. Build Backlinks For Your Gambling Website

For gambling websites, you will need lots of backlinks to be able to optimize them. This is quite reasonable, considering that the competition for the gambling site itself is quite high.

The problem is, not all sites are willing and brave to provide backlinks to online gambling sites. This happens due to various factors.

In this section, you can build backlinks using PBN (Private Blog Network) services. This PBN is basically the same as a blog, but its purpose is more to be a source of backlinks to the main website, in this case a gambling website.

In addition to using PBN, usually gambling site developers also use other blogging platforms such as bloggers and also a medium to build backlinks to gambling websites.

But unfortunately, some free blogging platforms like Medium and others limit negatively charged content like gambling. If you use the medium, you certainly know the new policy of the medium, namely the content will go through an investigation process by the medium before it can be published.

Simply put, PBN may be the only solution to build backlinks to the gambling website that you currently have.

Another solution, you might reach out to outside websites. Where the gambling niche is not a ban. Outside, there are many countries that legalize gambling. That means, there are many websites out there ready to sell backlinks for your site.

As a recommendation from us, there are several free backlink sources that can be used. Visit the following 2 backlink source pages: Link 1 – Link 2.

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11. Use Social Media Share

Google’s current algorithm update causes social media shares to no longer be a determining factor in search rankings. But this does not mean that social media share is not important.

Social media share remains one of the elements that is taken into account and has an indirect impact on the ranking of the gambling website that you optimize.

Doing social media sharing can provide several benefits for your online gambling site. Some of these benefits are:

Additional visits from social media
Strengthen branding
Increase the satisfaction factor

12. Focus on Your KPIs

The last point related to how to optimize gambling website SEO is about KPIs. For those of you who have just heard this term, KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is a measuring tool that describes the achievement of the goals of an effort. The effort in question in this case is SEO optimization for gambling sites.

Each step in optimization is something that should be clear. Therefore, make KPIs related to the optimization you are doing. This KPI can be in the form of a table containing revenue progress, number of sign ups, amount of traffic, ranking and SEO Enhancement.

Why is Gambling Website SEO Optimization Looks Difficult?

As previously mentioned, optimizing this gambling website is very difficult. This has been mentioned before, which is due to the high competition for this type of niche and keywords.

If you do a little research, you will find a lot of gambling sites scattered on the internet and you have to beat them all to occupy the first place.

The problem is not only in the high number of competition from this type of niche. But the rule of law and the belief system that exists in Indonesia itself.

The gambling industry, especially in Indonesia, is banned by the government. This makes it difficult for SEO experts in many ways. In particular, as mentioned above, about the difficulty of building a backlink building strategy.

You will hit a dead end to get quality backlinks from high authority sites. Some bloggers even believe in myths that the gambling niche is against Google’s rules. Despite the fact, Google ranks for the gambling niche.

Another problem, is the consequence when gambling sites start appearing on search engine pages. It will be seen by law enforcement, where the site is potentially blocked by the government.

That means, you have to optimize from Zero. Although you can just do a 301 redirect system to a new domain.

In this case, you might think about using website advertising services from several sites, such as movie streaming sites. But believe me that this will not be effective and only provide less quality backlinks.

Optimizing the SEO of Gambling Websites Takes a Long Time

Dealing with the difficulties of implementing gambling website SEO. So it takes quite a long time to be able to optimize the visibility of gambling sites in search engines.

In addition, SEO experts who optimize must also implement SEO very smoothly so as not to offend government rules and end up being blocked.


From the many discussions above. There are several important points about how to optimize gambling website SEO. To be clear, here are some of the points:

  • Create web pages that answer the needs of the user
  • Creating a website that can be accessed by search engines
  • Increase Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Increase page load speed (pagespeed)
  • Writing relevant content for gambling websites
  • Implementation of quality outbound links to high pagerank sites such as wikipedia, Youtube, Wikihow and others.
  • Implementing inbound links to reduce the bounce rate on the website.
  • Compressing supporting images that will be used on the website before uploading them.
  • Social media sharing is also important. Not only to help improve rankings in Google search results, but also to improve the branding of the site.
  • Build lots of quality backlinks
  • Creating KPIs to measure the progress of SEO implementation

That’s a glimpse of information about how to optimize gambling website SEO. Hopefully this information can add to your insight in terms of implementing SEO. Thank you.

5 Roulette Gambling Facts at Casino

5 Roulette Gambling Facts at Casino. I’m sure everyone already knows this game, especially for gambling enthusiasts in the country. If you think that the game of Roulette is a game that appears out of nowhere like a spinning steel wheel ready to devour players’ money and can hand out cash that might change people’s lives, you’ve misjudged it.

5 Roulette Gambling Facts at the Casino

The game of Roulette has a varied and unique history, Roulette is one game that has not changed for centuries. Here are five interesting casino roulette facts:

5 Roulette Gambling Facts at Casino
agen judi togel

1. Demon Number

The Roulette Wheel (either version 0 or 00) is sometimes referred to as the “Devil’s Wheel”. That’s because the numbers on the wheel when added together will result in the number 666, which is the devil’s number in Christian belief. Initially, these numbers were placed on the wheel in a non-consecutive manner to avoid cheating and the problem of “one-sided wheels” of numbers being seeded on one side or the other.

2. Roly Poly Small Wheel

The term “Roulette” is taken from the French term which means “Small Wheel”. Although there has been a strong history showing that the game of Roulette was invented by the French physicist named Blaise Pascal in his attempt to create a wheel that could show continuous movement, recently Roulette is claimed to be similar to the English game called “Roly Poly”.

3. The James Bond System

Agent 007 James Bond is a Roulette player and his favorite number is 17 (according to the original book by Ian Fleming and seeing how he plays this game in the movies). Despite having a favorite number, James Bond also likes to play with his own betting system called “two dozen (two dozen)”.

4. Monte Carlo Conqueror Roulette at Casino

In 1873, Joseph Jagger used an assistant to find the notes on the Roulette wheel in a casino and used that information to his advantage. Years later, a man named Charles Deville Wells was inspired by Jagger’s story. He managed to beat the Monte Carlo casino by winning 23 times in a row by betting capital of only US $ 6,000 and getting US $ 1 million. In his honor, the Monte Carlo wrote a song and a book entitled “The Man Who Broke the Bank At Monte Carlo” which made Wells’ name more famous. You can listen to the singer named Charles Coborn to play this song, who knows it can give you inspiration for the world of Roulette.

5. Ashley Revel Beats USA Casino

In 2009, a businessman named Ashley Revell sold all his wealth and went to visit one of the casinos in Las Vegas. Surprisingly, the entire sale of his property which was worth US $ 136 million, he bet all on one single number in the game of the Roulette wheel. And as a result, he managed to win money worth US $ 40 million then Ashley used the money to form a gambling company.

You can also visit agen judi togel site for more gambling games a chance. / Dy

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What is Online Domino?

Online domino is a very fun game and this game has existed for many years. In the beginning, this year is popular among kings and emperors. It was not accessible to everyone. But today, this game is accessible and you can play as much as you want. There are lots of players so that you can also play with many other players. Come learn with us what is online domino.

We are going to talk about what is online domino so that you can learn more with us. In short, online domino is a game that is derived from domino. A game in which players will put their cards together and create a long chain. There are dozens of varieties of online domino. So it is hard to define a single specific type of domino game. For many people, domino is casual and you only have to keep placing the right card to continue the sequence. But on the other hand, players are also  given the choice to bet their money on individual cards.

What is Online Domino?
online domino

History of Online Domino

Online domino is a card game and it was found from ancient China. Back then, cards were made out of plain stone. These stone are then carved into jade. There is a similarity of domino99 games as well as mahjong.

Domino games are much more organized and simple. That is why there are only a total of 28 cards. Whereas mahjong has over 80 cards and will keep players busy all the time. The history of online domino then continues. When people start playing this game and that this game was brought to other regions through trade. Ships will also bring these types of games to other countries and region. That is why south east Asian countries are also involved in the history of online domino.

Card Sequence in Online Domino

Domino is a two sided card and it always has two sides. Each of these two sides can have different amount of dots. Such as 1, 2, 3, and it goes up to 6. The highest value in one side is 1, and the highest value is 6. Players would then be given the chance to get 7 cards. All of these cards will total up to 28 cards.

Players would also be given 7 card each so that all of the cards will be evenly spread out. All players might have a chance of getting doubles. This should give you the right answer on what is online domino.

The card sequence can be followed from 1 0, 1 1, 1 2, up to 1 and 6. And then it continues with the number two and so on until it reaches 6 6. Players will have a goal to spend as much card as possible in terms of value. This is so that they could have the least number of scores left in the game. This will mark the winner and loser of the game in online domino. These are what is online domino for you. / Dy

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How to Play Slot on The Most Trusted Slot Gambling Site

Slot Gambling Site – Playing slot games on trusted online slot gambling sites can generally be done in a simple way, and without special tricks. There are many slot game provider sites that offer a variety of interesting games. However, professional slot game players certainly have certain tricks in order to continue to maintain their winning ratio. This trick is a little difficult to understand and requires a fair amount of experience, it is intended for a professional trick.

However, that doesn’t mean the winning ratio for beginner slot games will always be low. Novice players in any game usually make mistakes, including slot games. So it’s very natural that they lose in that game because most of them often make mistakes.

Loss in the game can be caused by mistakes we make avoiding some of these mistakes can keep you from losing. Therefore, it is important for novice players to be able to learn how to play the best online slot games starting from the most basic things. . Playing on the site link situs judi online is a good choice for those of you who want to get great benefits from a gambling game.


But don’t worry because there are indeed a lot of guide options available and you can learn. This means that you can learn a lot from the available mixes so that later you can understand how to play well and correctly.

A good understanding of playing will help you run smoothly and avoid defeat and loss, especially cheating and fraud. For those of you who are still beginners, please check out some other guides as explained below: Here’s how to play slots for beginners.

Start Playing With Lowest Score

Playing gambling with low stakes is sometimes very boring, including in online slot games. Play therapy with low scores is very good for beginners. Not without purpose, playing with low scores has several advantages.

Beginners need time and experience to conquer slot machines. With the lowest stakes, you have plenty of time to learn the slots.F

Protects beginners from instant defeat. It will be very bad for beginners who immediately lose a large amount in their first slot game.

Build the confidence of slot game beginners. The chances of getting a jackpot in a slot game will be higher the longer you play, and this is the perfect way for beginners to hit the jackpot and remember the sensation of getting the jackpot

Thus the discussion about How to Play Slot On The Most Trusted Slot Gambling Site, hopefully the information we provide can increase your luck in trying to play gambling well. /Aha

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Basic Online Slot Machine Rules and Important Terms Related to It

Basic Online Slot – If you are a fan of casino gambling game, you definitely know about online slot machine games. This game is often claimed as one of the most popular gambling games among gamblers. This game actually has really simple gameplay that makes it easy to play.

But even so, it is easy to play. But still, there are many players that don’t know the rules of online slots overall.

Through this article, I will explain to you a little bit about online slot machine rules and important terms related to it. Straight to the point, here are full explanations for you.

Basic Online Slot Machine Rules

Advantages of Playing Slots in Online Casinos for Real Money - Techicy
Slot Online Machine

Let’s get started with basic online slot machine rules. If you have watched some gamblers play this game, you should know the basic rules of this game.

Technically, this game is challenging players to get winning lines according to paytable to win rewards from online slot machines played. In General, most slot online machine games offer more than 20 winning lines that players can try to get.

Players can bet for winning lines and try to get it on the slot machine game. If the player succeeds in making it, they will win the game and get the reward offered by an online slot machine.

Important Terms of Online Slot Machine Game

According to the summary of many gambling blogs, there are some important terms related to online slot machines you should know. Here are those important terms that I meant:

Pay table – table that contains information about winning lines on online slot machine games and also rewards that players can obtain if they can win the game.

  • Bet – Amount of money you place as a wager when players play online slot games.
  • Payline – Combination of symbol and winning line where you place a bet.
  • Jackpot Progressive – bonus added to the amount of payout won by players. Amount of bonus is so dependable to your bet.
  • Scatter – Combination of symbol and winning line that come out on display of online slot machine games.

Be Careful When You Choose Gambling Site to Play Online Slot!

If you want to try playing online slot machine games, there are a bunch of gambling sites on the internet that you can choose. But at this point, you need to be super careful on fake gambling sites.

Today, there are many scammers that develop gambling sites and try to trick internet users to join their site. These fake gambling sites will not pay for your winning on slot machine games online. So basically, you will lose all your money if you are lured to join these fake gambling sites.

Personally, I recommend you to only choose gambling sites with a license from a legal company as the website you play. Another point which is also important is making sure that gambling site where you will play has many positive reviews. If it has not, you better try to find other gambling sites.

That is all the explanation about online slot machine rules and important terms related to it that you should know if you want to play online slot machines. I hope this article helps you who want to try this online game.

Do not forget to subscribe to my blog for more interesting articles. Thank you for visiting and reading my article. See you in the next article.

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Uses of Various Online Poker Articles

Online Poker – Some players who enter become members of an online gambling site but have never read the articles distributed on that site. Even though the site actually often publishes articles, especially poker sites, but because they don’t read the articles, some players don’t understand what is going on, and what can be handled in order to score a win.

Therefore, let’s find out what information is the benefit of reading articles on online gambling game sites.

Benefits of Articles on Online Poker Sites

If you are a novice player, then it is understandable when you cannot play and experience defeat. But when you have been in a gambling game agent for a long time and haven’t scored a win, it means that something is wrong with your game or you don’t really know what you’re doing.

Therefore, it is important to read tutorials or some basic game stuff through articles.

You need to know that every day the site manager will provide a lot of information and one of them is through articles that are distributed.

• Articles can provide the best and most recent information related to the games played by members on the site.

Players can choose for themselves which article to read because it is related to the desire to play and the favorite game of each member.

• Articles provide detailed information on the basic provisions of each game so that it can be controlled by members.

For example the classic poker game, so there is an article that explains about the poker game and the conditions in it.

Players who read will understand what the rules are and how to win every game they handle.

• Articles include announcements of games being contested, announcements of bonuses and other promotions and programs that will give players the opportunity to earn more money from what they enjoy.

• The article provides information on tactical strategies that can be used about some of the players who scored the most wins during 1 week.

And there are several other articles that will encourage players to be able to complete the bets they run. Let’s read more articles related to online poker games because the more you read, the more knowledge you will find. Playing on the profitable site at judi online is an excellent first choice for you to start your adventure and play freely and to your heart’s content to earn a lot of money.

The following knowledge will help you in using the right tactics to create profitable games on online poker sites. Thus the discussion about Uses of Various Online Poker Articles, hopefully the information we provide can add to your madness, addicted to gambling and should be able to bring luck to all of you. /Aha

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Choosing the Best Online Slot Games of Chance

Best Online Slot  – When you sign up to a trusted best online slot gambling site. You will see a wide variety of popular and unlimited games of chance. The reason for this is because the best online slots agents are very diverse and offer many types of games for you to choose from. There are many real money online slot machines that you can play depending on your mood.

In addition, the application manufacturers tell you that the types of slot games of chance have the latest games with a variety of choices. This is one of the best perks for having to try loads of options when you are bored. If you are bored of the advantages of slot machines, you can switch to other slot machines.

Not only are there many types, the most comprehensive online slot gambling sites are also available in various amounts and payouts. If you are experienced and know how to deal with slightly more complicated real money online slot machines. Then you are definitely suited to playing at a 24 hour online slot machine site.

However, if you prefer to use a trusted online slot site with fewer effects. Simple amount Joker slot games are your best bet. Not only that, access to gaming is very quick and wide. This fact makes 10,000 online depository slots more attractive compared to other games of a different kind.

Choosing the Best Online Slot Games of Chance
Slot Online

Advantages of the Best Online Slot Games of Chance

Another perk not to be missed about this online loan deposit slot machine game is that it has many incentives. You can easily get various additional prizes. Not only do you get extras while playing, but you can get them by inviting your friends to play until the first deposit bonus is reached. There are extras and promos that you can use as extra starting capital.

While the incentives on offer are tempting, you must comply with all legal rules and regulations before receiving any of these bonuses. Look for a trusted online slot gambling agency site with the benefit of having the choices we recommend. This way, every profit you make can be realized.

Best Android-Based Slot Machine Games Recommendations

Are you looking for a game that is easy to play, easy to understand and, of course, fun? If so, you should try playing the best slot games.

Slot machines are one of the easiest casino games to play and do not require any strategy like most games, as all you have to do is spin the wheel of the machine.

Well, for those of you looking for the best slot games for Android phone, this time around, alesabet88 is going to make some recommendations in the full article below.

  • Lucky City – 3D casino slots
  • Gold Fish Casino Slots: 777 slot machines
  • Game Caesars Slots
  • KEY! Deluxe Free Slots Casino Slot Machines
  • Slots: Hot Vegas Slot Machines Casino & Paid Games

Interestingly, you can also play this game online or offline. So if you don’t have an internet package, you can still play this game. In addition to this, this slot machine also has bonus features and free coins that you can find in the game.

Well, those were the 5 best slot games for Android that might be the right choice for you to download.

As for the method of playing this slot game, it’s pretty easy, but it’s always fun to play. In addition, playing games also has positive benefits. For example, the official gambling site of the best and most trusted slot online agent can improve your game analysis skills. / Dy

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Trustworthy Online Togel Deposit Balance

Deposit Balance – The trusted online lottery gambling broker. The Kios TOTO in the Indonesian state in 2021. Presents the latest for its members and prospective members. Now you can make a deposit balance via Telekomsel transfer to top up your online lottery account balance on your favorite site. It’s something extraordinary, isn’t it? In fact, not all online lottery bookmakers can offer such things to their members. This proves that this Togel test rock is actually a trustworthy Indonesian.

In fact, there are several ways to deposit your gaming balance on this trusted online lottery gambling site. Below, the administrator explains the method that will be used to fund your online lottery account. These methods include bank transfers, using the ovo Cash Wallet application, and using an EDC machine for bank customers. But EDC in particular is one way we don’t really recommend. Because this machine takes more than a day to send the funds transferred through it to the target account.

How to Deposit Balance Online Togel Gambling Agent

Trustworthy Online Togel Deposit Balance

Topping up Telekomsel credit at online lottery dealers is just one alternative. The main way is always a bank transfer. When the bank is in trouble or not offline. Then you can top up using other methods such as B. deposit with Telekomsel credit. We currently only accept deposits using Telekomsel and XL credit.

Here’s how to transfer telecom credit for those of you who don’t really understand by calling * 858 # and following the guidelines given. You can also send an SMS to the number 858 with the format: Tpulsa (space) target number (space) target transfer. In addition, you can directly enter the number of your call * 858 * destination number * transfer amount # and then make a call.

Important things to do with the loan deposit

Some things that are important to you before making a deposit with funds are your cell phone number. Make sure no. Your phone is the same as the ID for initial registration at the time of initial registration. In addition, always keep the proof of your transfer so that you can send it to the operator if necessary. You can also request the destination number for sending credit via our cs service.

Remember that when you top up your deposit balance, you will receive a 20% discount on the transferred balance. For example, if you send 50,000 credits, only 50,000 – 20% = only 40,000 will be added to your gaming balance. But even if you top up funds when you win this online lottery game of chance and withdraw funds. This TOTO kiosk pays real money directly to your bank account with no further deductions.

Top up credit with OVO

The OVO application is of course very well known and used by many Indonesians. This ovo e-cash wallet can send money to its many cooperating banks at very low shipping costs. That is of course the attraction of using it, because besides shopping in supermarkets or cooperative dealers. Can be used to send money to other banks at low cost.

For OVO users who want to top up their game balance, they can do so by sending it to various banks in this online lottery-city cooperation. As long as the telephone number you used to register with OVO matches the information you used to register for tempat pasang togel online. You should save the transfer / transaction proof and also take a screenshot of the transaction so you can send it to CS if needed and requested. / Dy

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How to Play the Best Online Omaha Poker in Indonesia

Best Online Omaha Poker – This article will teach you how to play the best online Omaha poker in Indonesia. Especially for beginners. If you want to add knowledge to make it easier to play, rutinqq is the place to go to learn.

Basically, Omaha Poker is an online game of chance that is very popular with IDN Play members. Therefore, as online poker gambling agents. We always provide various important information here to make it easier for you to play.

The discussion in this article is purposely created to guide you loyal members whether or not they have joined. Then don’t wait any longer and let’s just move on to the next discussion.

Understanding the Easiest Way to Play Omaha Poker to Win Big

Omaha Poker, or often referred to as Pot Limit Omaha. It is featured in a wide variety of card games derived from one of the most popular games in the world. Texas Hold’em Poker online.

At the beginning of the game all players are dealt 4 cards (hole cards). While in online poker each player is only given 2 cards.

The game does not start until the players have placed their first bet on the table. It is intended to make the game look exciting and make big wins while playing.

There is a dealer button on the table where Omaha Poker is played online. Which is useful for determining which player will be the later dealer. The game is clockwise, the player to the right of the dealer places a bet in the last order.

How to Play the Best Online Omaha Poker in Indonesia

In order to place bets in Omaha poker games. There are several options that you should know about their function, as follows:

• Call: To match the previous player’s stake value.

• Increase: To temporarily increase the value of the bet until it gets bigger.

• Check: To follow the bet and pass the selection to the next player.

• All In: To follow the bet with any remaining chips.

• Fold: give up and stop following the bet during this period.

After you have placed a bet according to the options described above. 5 cards are dealt by the dealer in stages according to the amount of the bet in progress.

In the end, the objective of this game is for the player to have 5 cards with the best value. The card being a combination of 2 player cards (hole cards) with 3 open cards on the table (community cards).

Below we present the terms and conditions of the round in the betting round at the table. That you will later play in Omaha poker online.

• Preflop

The first step for all players are 4 cards each (hole card). Then the players are given the opportunity to determine the value of the stake. With the option “Check, Call, Check / Fold, Fold”.

• The flop

The flop session is where the game begins. In this session 3 cards are dealt face up on the table. Then all players get a second chance. To return their bets as in the previous session with the choice of “Call”, Fold, Raise and Check “.

• Turn

Next up is the turn session, where the fourth card is dealt after all bets on the flop are made. After that, bets similar to the previous round are made so that the choice of bets remains the same.

• Flow

The last round of the session is called the river. Where the fifth card on the table is revealed again after all turn sessions are completed. The next round of betting begins for the last time. In this round the players will normally do all their actions by doing Choose All In.

• Showdown

The showdown session is the final deciding round where all players need to be sure of their cards. As they will not be able to place bets until the cards are revealed. The winner is determined who has the best card value, then all bets fall on him.

This is every step of the game of Omaha poker that you will come across as you play. This article will help you find out sooner before you start playing right away. Especially for your new members. / Dy

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The Benefits of Gambling Capsa Susun Online That We Can Feel

Capsa Susun Online – Capsa Susun is one of the online gambling games that is getting more and more fans. Because this one game is very easy and suitable for beginners to play. Of course, it is not only beginners who often play this one game, many professional players also turn to online capsa games. Besides being easy to play, this game is more promising and provides many benefits.

Direct Benefits of Playing Capsa Susun Online

As discussed in the description above, currently the online capsa stacking game is one of the most popular gambling games for card gambling lovers. Moreover, if we play on a trusted online capsa stacking site such as Anapoker which can guarantee our victory in playing. In addition to the easy rules of the game, this game can also provide direct benefits for the players. Here we describe some of the benefits of playing capsa online that we can feel:

As Entertainment Suggestions

The first benefit of playing capsa stacking we can feel is that we can entertain ourselves because this game is really challenging and exciting. So we can be entertained by playing it. Not infrequently this game also invites laughter from the players.

Big Profits Only With Small Capital

The next benefit of why this online capsa stacking gambling game is that only with a small capital we can get quite a large profit. Especially if we get a jackpot, where this jackpot is a gift given from the game provider to the players who get the best card combination. Play on situs capsa online terpercaya many benefits from fun card gambling games.

Anyone Can Win

Another benefit of this game is that everyone has a great chance of winning. And often this is also the reason why online capsa gambling is a place where players win big. If lucky, even novice players can also win in this one gambling game.

Many Prizes and Bonuses Given

And the next benefit that we can feel is the number of prizes and bonuses given by online capsa gambling agents to their loyal members. The bonuses given can be in the form of rolling bonuses, cashback bonuses, turn over bonuses, etc. So many players are willing to deposit and play with large nominals, in order to get big profits and bonuses too.

Those are some of the benefits that we can get when playing capsa stacking online. The benefits that we have reviewed above are of course enough to be the reason why many players like playing online capsa gambling rather than other online gambling. Thank you and don’t forget to be happy.

Thus our interesting review about The Benefits of Gambling Capsa Susun Online That We Can Feel, hopefully it can be useful information for you in playing gambling. /Aha

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Sbobet Gambling Site with Lots of Features and Bonuses

Sbobet Gambling Site is more exciting when you know the features and the game. What types of bets are most popular? People will answer poker, casino and Sbobet games of chance. The latter is a very accurate answer.

This is not without reason. The largest capacity gambling site is a large company. You provide services professionally. As proof, you’ll see firsthand how they become sponsors for the team. This is of course possible because they are experienced and have good supportive resources.

Similar to online casinos and other gambling games, Sbobet betting is made up of agents and prime providers. Large websites are capable of building complex systems and calculating quotas. Their reach is so great that they can operate internationally. However, the disadvantage is that the system is too complex, which makes it very difficult for unstable connections.

Sbobet Site Features and Bonuses

Sbobet Gambling Site with Lots of Features and Bonuses
sbobet online

The potential for playing Sbobet games is so great that it requires the help of agents to disseminate services. Instead of changing the system only for certain services and areas, the main providers are choosing to license gambling agents.

This way, you no longer have to be confused when making a deposit. Transfer system with local method. Users and members no longer care about the confusing international way they don’t even understand. If you try something new and don’t understand it, you may be wrong. Sbobet gambling sites play an important role in such conditions.

Main Features of the Sbobet Site

The main feature of online Sbobet gambling site services is the betting options. There are two configurations, namely the system provides a game and then selects a betting option. Second, gambling sites offer pre-game options and different types of games.

An example is a Sbobet gambling site with a list of leagues and competitions. First and foremost, the weather picks a game, for example in La Liga between Barcelona and Getafe. After that, the display will show what is available for that game. Bettors can try the general method, which is the results of the game. If you want a new one, there are handicap and over / under options.

The second system is that the gambling site has determined what options are available. An example is the handicap selection menu, half time full time, over / under and others. This method makes the choice less of a choice as the soccer gambling site only selects the option that a lot of people are playing at. However, they added more matches in each selection. For example, select over under and then it will show which matches are available. If you choose one of these you can instantly place an over / under bet on that game.

Another feature is parlay, where more than one game is selected. You are free to choose any match as long as it is different. The options can be the same, but for different matches. This method is very effective for making a profit, especially if you are using the odds trick. The number of small odds is put together in a game to make it big.

Sbobet Site Bonuses Service

The next service is a bonus. You need to know that soccer gambling sites include those that use bonuses to attract members. They are ready to give great prizes and bonuses. Various events took place. In addition to special bonuses related to online soccer betting, there are other bonuses such as rewards, points and jackpots.

In order to support this situs sbobet gambling service, the provider is preparing a customer service. Their job is to help users with complaints and problems. CS is always on and on standby at all times. Communication can be done through chat applications, email and live chat. / Dy

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